Not good with words? Don't worry. That's what roses are for. Roses aren't just pretty to look at. They also say a lot. After all, sometimes the strongest messages are the silent ones. Ready to give it a try? All you have to do is make sure you send the right color and the right number of roses.


Red Roses

The red rose is a powerful, vibrant bloom. Use it wisely. As a timeless symbol of romantic love, it's perfect to send to someone you have loved for five days, or 50 years ? it's equally effective for new love as it is for long and enduring romances.

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assorted roses

Assorted roses

Send a mixed message! No, not in that love/hate way, but by sending a rainbow's worth of roses to someone you care about. When you send an assorted bouquet to a coworker or friend you may not know that well, you can't go wrong.

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Pink roses

Pink symbolizes feminism, elegance and refinement. But it's not just for the ladies, it's great to send to guys too! Choose the right hue, and say so much more: deep pink to show appreciation; a paler shade for admiration.

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yellow roses

Yellow roses

Yellow roses put smiles on faces. Since they convey warmth, affection and joy, your special someone will know you consider him or her a close friend. And with you as a close friend, who could help but smile, right?

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Gold roses

Celebrate good times! Because of the depth of their hue, gold roses are ideal for especially joyous occasions. So you can send gold roses to welcome a little wonder into the world, or greet your favorite graduate with a bouquet.

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white roses

White roses

You see plenty of white roses walking with brides down the aisle. But they aren't just for bridal bouquets! They also symbolize humility, truth and reverence. Give them to someone you deeply respect or honor.

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