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Send your sympathies with an elegant bouquet of flowers: a thoughtful gesture that they will appreciate. Pick one of these beautiful arrangements to let them know you're thinking of them. Same day delivery in Chicago and next day delivery throughout the Midwest.

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Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

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Sympathy Flowers Same Day Flower Delivery

Sympathy Flowers in Chicago

Heartbreak, loss, difficult life moments — it's hard to approach these situations and know the rights things to say and do. Your family may be affected, your significant other might be sad or perhaps a longtime friend needs comforting. Putting your thoughts and feelings into words can often be frustrating because you don't know what to say or how it will come across.

Instead, an act of giving is often the preferred method of showing sympathy — and what better way than with delicate sympathy flowers? Beautifully packaged and designed with the French detail in mind, Ode à la Rose in Chicago has a variety of options available for you to show your sincerest and deepest condolences while gently letting your friend know you're there for them.

What Flower Arrangements Are Available?

Many sympathy flower arrangements come standard with a white color. It's seen as a delicate neutral, not being distracting with color or creating a dark atmosphere over a sad moment. From roses to orchids to wildflowers, you'll find a sympathy bouquet that speaks to you and is perfect for the person in your thoughts.

Show your love and compassion through the idyllic white rose. Your options vary regarding how many flowers you want to display, from a small mason jar of six stems up to 100 for a grandiose gesture. Our Patience bouquet features roses mixed with hydrangeas with some added greenery for effect. Nantucket offers a classic display of white roses with eucalyptus and other dominant green foliage. Or, you may be interested in a more modern-looking arrangement, combining white roses with orchids and tall snapdragons.

Whatever you need to make someone's day, Ode à la Rose is here to design your sympathy flowers.

How Can I Deliver My Flowers?

You can send your flowers with our same-day delivery service in Chicago. Complete your online order by 3 p.m. on a business day, and you'll can have it delivered that same day. Surprise someone at work or at home with your personalized arrangement. If you prefer, we can also send your bouquet directly to you — still in the same day — so you can have that special moment of handing over the arrangement in person.

Why Choose Ode à la Rose?

Ode à la Rose understands that meaning and presentation are everything. Your recipient will receive a beautifully adorned and arranged bouquet of fresh, lasting flowers, personalized with a note from you and some distinctive flair from us. The ordering process is convenient and easy for you — we'll even send you a photo of the arrangement before it goes out for delivery, which you'll be able to track the status of online.

Many of our flowers come from all around the world, with countries including Ecuador, France and Holland. We take further inspiration from France with the art of hand-tying each bouquet to be unique and special. After your sympathy flowers have been arranged, the hydrating container will be placed inside our signature purple branded box. To finish it all off, we'll sprinkle some fresh rose petals as an added touch.

Shop with Ode à la Rose in Chicago to gift your friend or loved one with sympathy flowers when they need it most.