Rose petals from fun flirty pink to wedding whites. Whatever the occasion, Ode à la Rose is your go-to source for rose petals whether decorating a brunch table with yellow rose petals, strewing a bed with red rose petals for a torrid night, or sprinkling along the aisle on your wedding day.

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Thanks to their range of different colors and meanings, roses can make perfect gifts for a lot of different occasions. Rose petals are just as versatile in their decorative potential. At Ode à la Rose, we carry fresh rose petals in all different colors—including red, gold, pink, purple, white, and yellow. Our petals also come in assorted color packages, for those seeking a broader color palette.

Rose petals are terrific decorations, both for romantic and non-romantic occasions. On the romantic side, if you are getting married, you can add some extra charm to the ceremony site by sprinkling the aisle with an assortment of pink, white, and red rose petals. Sprinkling the bed with red rose petals, meanwhile—perhaps with a few candles scattered around the bedroom—is the perfect way to set an intimate and sensual mood.

As mentioned above, though, rose petals don’t have to be about romance. On the contrary, sprinkling the dinner or brunch table with gold or yellow rose petals is a fantastic way to add a spark of color to a big family meal. Tossing a few rose petals in your outdoor fountain or koi pond can make outdoor gatherings more fun and festive.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish from a decorative setting, there’s a good chance that a bag of fresh rose petals can help you tie the scene together. Whether it's romance you’re seeking or just cheerful fun, Ode à la Rose has a rose petal package that will work for you. We guarantee the freshness of all shipments so that you can rest assured knowing your special occasion won’t be marred by dry or wilted rose petals.