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There is no better way to say Thank You than to send a Thank You flower bouquet from Ode à la Rose. Order today to have your flowers delivered to Philadelphia.

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Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

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Beautiful arrangement. Delivered on time

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Thank You Flowers in Philadelphia

Saying a sincere thank you can seem like an almost impossible task, especially when a friend or family member - or even a stranger - has gone out of their way to do something to make your life easier. At Ode à la Rose, we enable you to send people who have affected your life positively in Philadelphia stunning thank you flowers. We offer various flower options and abundant colors to help you tailor your flower delivery to the personality of the receiver.

Which Flowers Say Thank You?

If you can’t decide which flowers to send to say thank you, our first tip is that there are no rules. You can go with your gut when it comes to sending flowers, but here are a few of our favorite flowers to send when we want to say thank you.

Classic roses in full bloom represent gratitude. Therefore, they are the perfect thank you bloom. Pink, peach, yellow, and orange roses each have their own lovely meanings to help you show your appreciation. For example, pink roses symbolize your admiration of the recipient and your friendship. In general, roses are a very welcome gift, and you simply can’t go wrong with a bouquet of our dazzling roses. Chrysanthemums are stunning pom-pom like flowers that symbolize joy and optimism, and there is even a Festival of Happiness in Japan every year to celebrate these unique blooms. In Japan, they are considered to be a symbol of the sun given the way that the petals unfold when blooming and are seen as a representation of perfection and ultimate joy. These flowers are a beautiful way to show your friend that the help and support they offered you was perfect.

Most of our bouquets have their own names, and we believe that there is no better way to thank someone than by giving them a bouquet that shares their name. We have the Madeleine; a bouquet of purple alstroemerias, lavender wax flowers, and lavender phlox, the Charlotte; a combination of white patience garden roses, white hydrangeas, white spray roses, and white ranunculus blooms, and of course, the Grand Josephine; an enormous bunch of 100 white roses to truly show your appreciation. We have these and many more stunning bouquets available for you to send to a friend or family member that has shown you support or helped you out recently.

Fun Facts About Flowers

Here are a few interesting snippets about flowers that you might not yet know.

Sunflowers have saved lives. Back in the day, sunflower stems were what made life jackets float due to their low density and light weight. Rafts made of sunflower stems have also been put to work cleaning up the disastrous water contamination caused why the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

In the 1600s, Tulips were more valuable than gold in Holland. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in Holland during spring, be sure to take a walk through the tulip fields, we’re convinced that you will quickly understand why they were seen as such valuable currency. Tulip bulbs can also replace onions in a recipe if you, for some reason, only have tulip bulbs on hand.

The acidity of the soil will determine the color of hydrangeas. If the soil is very alkaline, you will get gorgeous pink blooms, and acidic soil will result in stunning blue flowers. Some flowers react to the sun and the moon. For example, sunflowers will turn their ‘faces’ during the day following the sun as it moves across the sky. Moonflowers, on the other hand, only bloom at night when the moon rises and stay closed during the day.

Ode à la Rose in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is Greek for brotherly love, which we feel is a very apt name for a city where we deliver our flowers for so many celebratory, happy, and loving occasions. We do next-day deliveries on all orders placed before 3 pm, across the Northeast. We’ll ensure your gift reaches its destination in a fresh condition, beautifully made up, including a personalised note.

If you are inclined to truly spoil your friend or partner, you could also add a small token or gift such as a photograph of an excellent day you spent together. Our photo upload service is free, and it will bring a warm smile to anyone who receives such a thoughtful surprise.

Our delivery system is quick and convenient, and our arrangements are all delivered in luxe packaging for a final touch of finesse. Make contact today and spread the gratitude.