Send your condolences or honor the passing of a loved one with an offering of flowers. Our sympathy line provides a series of white and green floral arrangements to commemorate their life with beauty.


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Sympathy Flowers

Losing a loved one is one of life's greatest challenges. It breaks hearts and causes tremendous sadness or pain, and it can also leave you in a state of shock and emptiness. Everyone deals with loss differently, so it can be hard to comfort someone you care about when they're trying to come to terms with losing someone they loved.

If you're looking for a thoughtful way to provide solace and comfort to someone in pain, sympathy cards and saying "I'm sorry" can seem to fall short. When words are not enough, sending sympathy flowers can show that person your heart is with them during this difficult time.

When it comes to elegant, heartfelt floral arrangements that speak to the soul and show your loved ones how much you care, there's no better place to turn than Ode à la Rose, the florist with the French flair. Specializing in high-end, handcrafted flower arrangements in a variety of unique, breathtaking assortments for all occasions, Ode à la Rose knows exactly how to send a thoughtful, sweet message of care and condolences with a beautiful bouquet of the best blooms.

Selecting the Right Sympathy Flower Arrangements

When you're looking for a floral arrangement that offers just the right balance of beauty and wistfulness to send a sympathetic message, Ode à la Rose offers a tasteful selection of gentle, elegant bouquets to offer your condolences.

Looking for something small and simple that still makes a statement? Select our Pick Me Up roses in white as a modest token of your sympathy, or opt for a White Market Bouquet for a more calming touch of green. Our Mini Rose Tin Pail in white is sweet, charming, and still sympathetic, offering hopeful blooms in a unique arrangement. When you're searching for a grander gesture, our larger bouquets include arrangements of white roses, wildflowers, and other graceful, soothing blooms to bring peace to your recipient.

Each of our unique, lovely sympathy flower arrangements is handcrafted with our freshest blooms and delivered with your choice of a personal message to your recipient the day you order.

Choose Ode à la Rose

Inspired by the French artisan tradition of chic, elegant flower arrangements with passionate style, Ode à la Rose offers something unique and sophisticated in every bouquet. We're so much more than a corner flower shop — we also provide personal attention and handcrafted detail no large corporation could provide.

With our fresh, fine-quality flowers sourced from the best flower farms in the world, our team of talented floral designers to arrange each bouquet with detail, and our stylish same-day delivery, Ode à la Rose offers breathtaking beauty, chic elegance and heartfelt emotion in every bloom.

Express your heartfelt sympathies and offer your condolences to your loved one during their difficult times when you order one of our elegant sympathy flower arrangements. We'll deliver your bouquet in water and packaged in our signature purple box the day you order.