Peonies Delivery Miami

Dive into the world of luxurious elegance with Ode à la Rose's peony delivery in Miami. Each petal promises beauty along with a tale of sophistication. Whether you're commemorating a special moment or simply want to infuse a day with floral delight, our peonies are the perfect pick. Don't just send flowers - send emotions and stories through our peonies. Order your bouquet now!

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“Customer service was very helpful and…”

Customer service was very helpful and communicative which I greatly appreciated.


“Quality of product”

Quality of product. Promptness of delivery.


“Very Special Celebration”

The roses and greens are gorgeous!! This is a very special moment for the recipient and the flowers and vase were worthy of the occasion!! Not to mention they arrived within a couple hours of placing the order!! I will most definitely call upon you again!


4.5 out of 5

Based on 3116 reviews


About Miami Same Day Peony Delivery

Nestled at 777 NW 28th St in sun-soaked Miami, Ode à la Rose isn’t just another floral shop where peonies come to life! Revered for their lush beauty, peonies have a way of speaking right to the soul.

Ever thought about turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable memory? A peony does just that.

By 9 a.m., our doors are wide open, beckoning you to dive into a world of floral elegance. It’s not just about flowers here; it's about moments. Moments that linger, moments that become stories. And what better ambassador for such tales than the peony?

Location is everything, and being in the heart of Miami means we're always close. So whether you're in Edgewater or Coconut Grove, our same-day delivery ensures our peonies are never more than a call away.

For life’s eternal moments or those "just because" days, our peonies are your perfect companions. Still wondering? Need that bouquet ASAP?

Contact us or try reaching through at +1 786-567-9964. At Ode à la Rose, we don't just deliver flowers, we craft experiences tailored just for you - always different but woven with our French charmy signature.

What Makes Ode à la Rose Peonies Delivery in Miami Different?

We’re exclusive, alright, and you can discover that by a simple glance at our bouquet selection, and maybe our name also gives out a hint. But why are we the best at what we do (and we’re not just bragging - customer satisfaction put us there!)

What sets Ode à la Rose's Peony delivery apart in the vibrant city of Miami? The difference is in the details. While our name might whisper hints of French elegance, our dedication to excellence truly makes the difference.

First off, our bouquet selection are not your run-of-the-mill bunch. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the freshest blooms, curated with authentic French flair. But that's just the beginning.

Ever thought a bouquet wasn't quite enough on its own? With Ode à la Rose, it doesn’t have to be. Add a sweet note with our delectable macaroons or chocolate delights. Looking to make your gift even more heartfelt? Consider pairing it with our plush blankets and teddy bears, carrying the mark of premier French craftsmanship.

For those moments when you want to send more than just flowers, we've curated spa kits and aromatic candles, offering relaxation and luxury in one package. And, speaking of presentation, our stylish vases ensure your blooms have the perfect setting.

Delivering throughout Miami, we're all about options - whether you need it today or tomorrow, we've got you covered. And to top it all, our state-of-the-art tracking system keeps you informed every step of the way. And just in case a hiccup arises, trust us to address it with speed, ensuring your selected treasures land in our signature box, poised to bring joy to its recipient.

Why Should You Send Peonies to Someone?

Centuries ago, in the lush gardens of ancient China, the peony was revered as the "Queen of Flowers." Emperors, enamored by their sheer beauty, declared them as symbols of opulence and honor. Such was the allure of the peony that it transcended borders and found its way into royal European gardens, becoming a centerpiece of regality. Over time, these blooms weren't just an emblem of luxury but began to signify profound human sentiments.

Fast forward to today, peonies have retained their regal stature, making them the perfect messengers for our deepest emotions. Birthdays, a celebration of life and time, become even more momentous with the vibrant embrace of peony petals, each layer symbolizing the depth and layers of a person's life journey.

A new baby, the dawn of a fresh, unscripted story, resonates profoundly with the gentle hues of peonies. Their softness parallels the tenderness of a newborn, making them an ideal floral welcome.

During challenging times, when health dwindles, and spirits need uplifting, the sheer radiance of peonies can be that gentle reminder of brighter days ahead, channeling heartfelt 'get-well' wishes.

Sometimes, we falter, make mistakes, and need to extend an olive branch. In such moments, with its luxurious aura, the peony delivers a poignant 'I'm sorry', making amends in the most heartfelt manner.

Expressions of gratitude gain depth and sincerity when articulated with peonies. Their grandeur, a fitting tribute, says 'Thank You' like no other, acknowledging kindness and gestures that touched the soul.

Every achievement and every milestone deserves its spotlight. And what better way to shout 'Congratulations' than with the magnificent spectacle of peonies? Their lush presence is a nod to hard-won successes and dreams realized.

And then, sometimes, there's no occasion, no milestone, just a whisper of emotion, a nudge to let someone know they're cherished. For such moments, peonies convey that 'just because' sentiment, turning an ordinary day into a cherished memory.

In the vast lexicon of flora, the peony is a sonnet, eloquently capturing life's ebb and flow. Sending peonies is more than a gesture; it's a timeless tradition of expressing what words sometimes cannot.

How to Keep Peonies Alive for a Long Time?

Ever wondered why some peonies seem to have an eternal glow while others fade too soon? Let's unlock that floral mystery together!

With their majestic blooms and timeless appeal, peonies deserve to be admired for as long as possible. Whether you're a millennial embracing the green thumb life or a seasoned gardener, these tips are your ticket to prolonging that peony magic:

  • Pour in the Right Drink: Begin with water – but not too much or too little. Peonies enjoy hydration, but drowning them is a no-no. Fill the vase to about two-thirds, and remember to change the water every two days.
  • Snip-Snap: Give their stems a fresh diagonal cut before placing them in a vase. This ensures they soak up all the hydration they need.
  • Avoid the Heat: While they're sun-kissed beauties, direct sunlight can cause them to wilt faster. Find them a cool, shady spot to strut their stuff.
  • Feed Them Right: Just like us, peonies appreciate a good meal. A touch of flower food or even a pinch of sugar can boost their lifespan.
  • Keep 'Em Clean: Dirty vases can harbor bacteria that shorten a flower's life. Ensure your vase is sparkling clean before placing your peonies inside.
  • Away from the Crowd: Peonies love their space. Keep them away from fruits and other plants, as some emit gases that can cause the flowers to age faster.
  • Stay Alert: Remove any wilted or drooping leaves and petals as days pass. This keeps the bouquet looking fresh and ensures the remaining flowers thrive.
  • Embrace the Cool: Every night, consider moving your peonies to a cooler room or even outside if the temperature is right. They'll love you for the nightly chill!

Some of this advice sure sounds like you’re going to take of a baby and not just a peony flower, right? Don’t worry, it’s not THAT HARD!

On the plus side, at Ode à la Rose, we are mindful of all flower lovers, even the most inexperienced ones. So, with each delivery, you get free flower food to make your peonies last for at least a week. For the rest - lean on to these handy advices.

Common Questions About Peonies Delivery in Miami

When it comes to gifting flowers, peonies offer a touch of luxury and timeless elegance. If you're just a click away from pressing “send” on your desired peony arrangement from Ode à la Rose, here are your answers to some questions that might pop into your head.

How Much Does Peony Delivery in Miami Cost?

Elevate any occasion with the splendor of peonies delivered in Miami for just $16. It’s more than just a delivery; it’s an experience wrapped in petals, served in our signature box, with free flower food inside!

What Payments Do You Accept in Miami?

Ease and convenience are at the heart of our payment system. Whether you prefer card payments, like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover, or you lean towards the simplicity of PayPal – we’ve got your back. Let your focus be on the beauty of the blooms, and leave the rest to our seamless process.

What Happens if The Recipient is Not at Home?

Timing can be tricky, but we've got contingencies in place. For peony delivery in Miami, we offer flexible time slots tailored to suit the city's pace.

Our next-day deliveries typically find their way between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., with a keen intent to complete most by 5 p.m. If the stars don’t align and your recipient isn't around, don’t fret. Our team will ensure your precious bouquet is either momentarily held or securely placed in a protective spot.

Sending peonies is about celebrating moments, both big and small. Browse our range and let each blossom express what words often can't.