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100 Roses in Miami

If a rose tells the story of passion, grandeur, and elegance - why not tell 100 different stories at once? Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our breathtaking 100-rose bouquets. Handpicked for their pristine beauty and delivered with the utmost care right to your Miami doorstep, every rose embodies a promise of unparalleled luxury.

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“Excellent quality and easy to use website ”

I ordered online from the UK for friends in the US - fantastic service. High quality flowers and gifts, excellent update comms after ordering and timely delivery. Very pleased

Katherine Rodgers

“My son was having a bad day on his…”

My son was having a bad day on his birthday and I wanted to cheer him up. I took a chance on Ode a la Rose, because I liked their website and they did not disappoint. Excellent service, though a bit pricey.


“Beautiful presentation”

Beautiful presentation. Quality flowers. Great communication regarding delivery and love the picture of prepared flowers before delivery. Thank you!

Beth Powers

4.6 out of 5

Based on 3154 reviews


About 100 Roses Same Day Delivery in Miami

At Ode à la Rose, nestled at 777 NW 28th St in Miami, FL, we don't just offer roses – we celebrate them (and you can tell that by our name, right?)

Each rose symbolizes the epitome of romance, passion, and elegance, and when presented as a magnificent bouquet of 100, they become a statement of opulence and devotion.

Offering freshness with the morning dew and your first sip of coffee, you can drop by anytime after 9 AM. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you in selecting the ideal 100-rose bouquet that is perfectly adapted to your specific needs.

With varieties such as the enchanting Lolita, the regal Josephine, and the timeless Brigitte, every rose bouquet narrates its own tale of splendor.

100 roses aren’t just about quantity; they capture countless emotions and memories in one grand gesture. Whether commemorating significant milestones or expressing boundless love without a particular reason, these bouquets serve as a reminder of nature's unrivaled beauty and treasured moments of life.

Positioned strategically in Miami's vibrant heart, our rose sanctuary ensures prompt delivery across the city's vast neighborhoods. Entrust us with your sentiments, and we'll ensure they arrive on time, every time, with our impeccable same-day delivery service.

If it’s a declaration of love, an anniversary, or a gesture to uplift spirits, 100 roses from Ode à la Rose are the quintessential choice.

Connect with us or dial +1 786-567-9964. Our mission? Making every moment in Miami a rose-tinted memory.

What Makes Ode à la Rose 100 Roses Delivery in Miami Different?

In a city as dynamic as Miami, standing out isn't just about being different but exceptional. And that's precisely what we offer with our 100 roses delivery. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Unparalleled Quality: Every rose in our 100-rose bouquet is handpicked, ensuring only the freshest, locally sourced, and exquisitely French-groomed roses grace your presence.
  • A Personal Touch: We believe in personalizing your gesture. Every bouquet can be accompanied by a heartfelt note or even a cherished picture to elevate its significance.
  • Gift Galore: From delightful macaroons and indulgent chocolates to our aromatic candles, perfect for setting the mood – we have it all.
  • Comfort in a Bundle: Our cozy blankets, coupled with a teddy bear from a distinguished French brand, are perfect for those intimate, comforting moments.
  • Presentation Matters: Our chic vases ensure that the 100 roses stand tall and majestic, presenting their beauty in full glory.
  • Time Tracking: We value your time. Our seamless webpage lets you track your order flawlessly, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: Whether you need it now or later, our delivery options, including prompt same-day delivery, ensure your roses arrive when you desire.
  • Effortless Transactions: Our transaction methods are secure and hassle-free, ensuring a smooth experience from selection to delivery.
  • Customer First: Should there be even a slight hiccup in your Ode à la Rose experience, rest assured, we’ll move mountains to make it right. After all, delivering joy is our primary mission.

Indulging in luxury like a 100-rose bouquet should be an experience in itself. With Ode à la Rose, it's not just about the roses but the stories they tell, the emotions they evoke, and the memories they create. Dive in and discover the difference for yourself!

What do 100 Roses Represent?

In the realm of floral gestures, few things hold as much gravity and eloquence as a bouquet of 100 roses. This isn't just a number; it's a powerful narrative wrapped in petals.

Historically, the number 100 has always carried significance.

In ancient cultures, it denoted completeness and the utmost sincerity. Fast forward to today, and a century of roses paints an intense portrait of love, commitment, and admiration.

But why exactly 100? As legend has it, a young prince once wanted to confess his eternal love to a village maiden. He sought the most grandiose way to express a love that was deep and unending. So, he presented her with 100 roses. The village whispered tales of this grand gesture, and over time, it became the emblem of boundless affection.

Each rose in this ensemble has a voice. Together, they form a chorus singing a timeless ballad of love that neither fades nor wanes but only grows stronger. Beyond the tales and numbers, gifting 100 roses is a bold declaration. It states, without a shadow of a doubt, that the sentiment is as vast and deep as the ocean and as enduring as the mountains.

In modern times, be it a marriage proposal, a significant anniversary, or a grand romantic gesture, the message behind 100 roses remains unchanged: an unwavering, all-encompassing love. If a single rose can speak volumes, imagine the symphony that 100 roses orchestrate!

How to Keep 100 Roses Alive for a Long Time?

Receiving a bouquet of 100 roses is akin to having a piece of the heavens in your living space. With Ode à la Rose, this grand gesture comes with the promise of beauty and freshness. But the weight of caring for such a majestic collection can be daunting, right?

With a pinch of love, a dash of care, and our nifty guide, ensure your roses live their fullest life:

  • Water Wisely: Roses love a drink, but not a drench! Fill the vase with enough water to cover the cut stems, changing it every few days. And with each change, add a little flower food – our special gift to you, ensuring every rose feels pampered.
  • Sunny Side Up: Roses thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. A spot by the window where they can bask but not scorch is ideal. Think of it as their favorite sun-lounger by the Miami beach!
  • Snip & Shape: Giving your roses a gentle trim every few days can work wonders. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to ensure they drink up all the hydration they need.
  • Room to Breathe: A bouquet as grand as 100 roses needs its space! Ensure they're not squashed together, allowing air to flow freely and refresh them.
  • Away from Apples: Strange but true! Fruits like apples release ethylene gas, making your roses age faster. Keep them apart, letting your roses be the star of the show.
  • Chill Out Moments: Roses love a bit of a chill. Consider popping them in a cooler spot or even briefly in the fridge at night. Think of it as their beauty sleep!
  • Remembering Forever: As days pass and petals start to wilt, consider collecting them. These petals, dried and stored, aren't just memories; they can be turned into decorative art pieces, potpourri, or sentimental keepsakes.
  • The Artistic Afterlife: Once you feel your bouquet has shared its vibrant life, don't just bid goodbye. Pluck the petals and let them dry. These dried sentiments can then adorn your living room, patio, or bedroom as a timeless piece of art, forever echoing the emotions they once represented.

With these tips, not only do you ensure the longevity of your 100 roses, but you also immortalize the sentiment behind each bloom. At Ode à la Rose, we believe in moments that last forever, and with a little care, so can your roses!

Common Questions About 100 Roses Delivery in Miami

Choosing to convey your emotions through a lavish bouquet of 100 roses is undoubtedly a grand gesture. But you might have some queries swirling around. Let's unveil the mysteries and put your mind at ease.

How Much Does 100 Roses Delivery in Miami Cost?

When you wish to leave an indelible mark on someone's heart with 100 roses, we ensure that the investment is both reasonable and rewarding. While prices can vary based on seasonal availability and specific arrangements, each of our 100 rose bouquets costs $25 to be delivered to any Miami corner.

What Payments Do You Accept in Miami?

Ensuring your buying process is as silky-smooth as each petal of our roses is paramount to us. With this in mind, we accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

For those who prefer swift online transactions, our portals are PayPal-ready. No matter your preference, each transaction is crafted for your ease, mirroring the serenity of Miami's pristine beaches.

What Happens if the Recipient is Not at Home?

Life in bustling Miami can sometimes throw a curveball in the form of unpredictable schedules. Should your recipient be away at the time of delivery, there's no cause for concern. Our proficient delivery personnel will either wait for the recipient or ensure that your bouquet is positioned securely and safely. In scenarios requiring more clarity, we might reach out to either the sender or the recipient to ensure the delivery meets our standard of perfection

Of course, our customers can always add more specific delivery instructions to their orders! With Ode à la Rose, every rose, every petal, and every delivery reflects a commitment - to bring smiles, warmth, and moments of unparalleled joy right to the doorsteps of Miami.