What to Do in Miami in May

Welcome to Miami in May, where the sun plays a lively dance across crystal waters and vibrant streets! Are you pondering over how to soak in the best of Miami during this glorious month? Wonder no more! With the same artistry and passion that Ode à la Rose applies to crafting exquisite floral arrangements, we present to you an expertly curated guide to Miami’s most mesmerizing events and attractions.

Think of this as your personal bouquet of experiences, each one chosen for its unique ability to delight and enchant, just like the blooming roses under the warm spring sun. Let’s embark on a journey in May to discover Miami’s hidden gems and celebrated wonders!

Miami’s Weather in May

When planning what to do in Miami in May, it’s essential to consider the city’s unique symphony of weather patterns. 

May in Miami is a time when the city begins to flirt with the summer’s warmth, offering a harmonious blend of sunny days and a gentle hint of the rainy season to come. This month typically showcases Miami in a light that is both inviting and exhilarating, perfect for exploring the city’s vibrant culture and natural beauty.

The warmth of the sun is balanced by refreshing ocean breezes, creating ideal conditions for both leisurely beach days and exploring the city’s bustling streets and lush parks. As you tailor your itinerary, keep in mind that May’s weather, while mostly pleasant, can be as unpredictable as a sudden summer romance.

Whether you’re planning to bask in the sun at South Beach, wander through the Art Deco Historic District, or indulge in the city’s renowned culinary scene, understanding Miami’s May climate will ensure your experiences are as comfortable as they are unforgettable.

Now, let’s look at a detailed table that encapsulates Miami’s weather in May:

Weather in Miami in May
Average Temperature 75°F – 85°F (24°C – 29°C)
Humidity High, around 70%
Precipitation Moderate, increasing towards the end of the month
Average Sunny Days Around 10 – 15 days
Average Rainy Days Approximately 10 days, with brief and heavy showers
Hurricane Alert Low, but it’s the start of the hurricane season (June – Nov)
Sunrise Time Around 6:30 AM
Sunset Time Around 8:00 PM
Air Quality Generally good, but can vary depending on urban areas

This table offers a general guide to what you can expect weather-wise during your visit to Miami in May. However, it’s always advisable to check a reliable weather forecast closer to your travel date for the most current information.

Tips for Visiting Miami in May

As May unfolds its petals, revealing the vibrant heart of Miami, one cannot help but be enchanted by the city’s sun-drenched days and starlit nights. But, as with any great adventure, a wise traveler knows the importance of being prepared. 

Just as a gardener tends to their beloved flowers with care and knowledge, so should you nurture your Miami experience with a handful of carefully chosen tips. So, before you step out into the vivid tapestry of this city, let us guide you through the essential tips to make your journey not just enjoyable but truly unforgettable.

  • Embrace the Sunshine with Sunscreen: Miami’s May sun is like a warm embrace, but it’s also a bit of a trickster. Always carry sunscreen with high SPF to enjoy the sunny days without the after-burn. Think of it as your personal shield against the sun’s loving yet overzealous kisses.
  • Stay Hydrated, Stay Happy: With the combination of heat and humidity, your body will be yearning for hydration. Carry a reusable water bottle as your faithful companion. After all, staying hydrated is the secret ingredient to endless Miami exploration.
  • Dress for Success – and Weather!: Light, breathable clothing will be your best friend in Miami’s warmth. Think cotton dresses, linen shirts, and comfortable sandals. And don’t forget a hat or a chic pair of sunglasses to complete your sun-savvy ensemble.
  • Rain Check? Yes, Please!: Those May showers can be sneaky, so keep a small umbrella or a light raincoat handy. Miami’s rain often plays a brief yet dramatic act and then exits the stage, leaving the city refreshed and glistening.
  • Savor the Sunset and Sunrise: With sunrise around 6:30 AM and sunset close to 8:00 PM, you have the perfect bookends for your days. Whether it’s a sunrise yoga session on the beach or a sunset stroll along the boardwalk, these are moments you won’t want to miss.
  • Indoor Delights for Rainy Days: On the off chance you encounter a rainy day, dive into Miami’s indoor treasures. Museums, art galleries, and cozy cafes are perfect sanctuaries to enjoy the city’s cultural heartbeat.
  • Air Quality Awareness: While the air quality is generally good, it’s wise to check daily forecasts, especially if you have respiratory sensitivities. This way, you can plan your outdoor adventures on days when the air is as clear as Miami’s beautiful waters.
  • Early Bird Gets the… Beach Spot!: Miami’s beaches are a paradise, but they’re no secret. Head to the beach early to claim a prime spot where you can bask in the sun and watch the world wake up around you.
  • Evening Cool Down: As the day cools, Miami’s nightlife heats up. This is the perfect time to explore the city’s diverse culinary scene, from oceanfront dining to hidden gem eateries in Little Havana.
  • Stay Informed on Weather Updates: Keep a weather app handy. Knowing the day’s forecast can help you plan your adventures more effectively, ensuring that a surprise shower doesn’t dampen your spirits.

Now that you know all the tips to plan a perfect Miami trip in May, let’s get into the details of what and where you should go.

1. Miami Museum Month (during the entire May)

May in Miami is not just a celebration of sun and sea but also a tribute to the rich tapestry of art and culture. Miami Museum Month, an annual event cherished by art aficionados and casual explorers alike, blossoms in this vibrant month, offering an array of experiences that are as diverse as the city’s own heritage.

This is a time when the doors of Miami’s illustrious museums swing open, inviting you into worlds where history, contemporary art, science, and more converge in a captivating display of human creativity and intellect.

Many of Miami’s renowned museums offer special promotions during this two-month-long celebration (yes, it usually starts around April and lasts through the entire month of May), including “Buy One, Get One Free” admission or discounted membership opportunities. This is a splendid chance to explore iconic institutions like the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), known for its modern and contemporary art, or the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, where the wonders of science come alive in an interactive environment. 

Delve into the historical treasures at the HistoryMiami Museum or immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and bold patterns at the Miami Design District’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

But Miami Museum Month is more than just a series of visits; it’s an invitation to engage with the city’s cultural heartbeat.

Many museums host special events, workshops, and guided tours, offering deeper insights and interactive experiences. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or a family looking for an educational adventure, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, planning is key. Check the schedules and promotions of each museum in advance, and consider purchasing tickets online to avoid long lines. Also, while some museums might be within walking distance of each other, others are spread out, so plan your transportation accordingly. Miami’s public transport and ride-sharing options are convenient ways to hop between these cultural beacons.

2. Formula 1: Miami Grand Prix (in the first half of May)

As May’s vibrant energy pulsates through Miami, it finds its most thrilling expression in the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, a spectacle that combines speed, sophistication, and the sheer excitement of world-class racing.

This high-octane event, typically held in early May, transforms the Miami International Autodrome, located within the Hard Rock Stadium complex, into a roaring arena where the globe’s finest drivers compete in a ballet of speed and precision.

Securing tickets to this prestigious event is akin to embarking on a race itself. They are known to sell out rapidly, often within hours of release, as enthusiasts from around the world flock to witness this adrenaline-fueled showdown. It’s wise to mark your calendar for the ticket release date and be poised to act swiftly. The Miami Grand Prix attracts racing aficionados and a diverse audience, making it a melting pot of cultures united by the thrill of Formula 1.

With attendance numbers soaring each year, the event has seen an average of over 80,000 visitors per day, turning it into a buzzing hub of excitement. The air is electric with the roar of engines and the cheers of the crowd, creating an atmosphere that’s both exhilarating and infectious.

For those lucky enough to secure tickets, the experience extends beyond the race track. The Miami Grand Prix is famed for its surrounding festivities, including concerts, VIP experiences, and a showcase of culinary delights that reflect Miami’s rich gastronomic tapestry. It’s a celebration of speed, yes, but also of Miami’s vibrant culture and spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned Formula 1 fan or a newcomer to the sport, the Miami Grand Prix offers a unique blend of excitement and glamour, all set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

3. Hyundai Air & Sea Show (at the end of May)

May’s bright skies and glistening seas in Miami serve as the perfect canvas for the Hyundai Air & Sea Show, an awe-inspiring display of aerial acrobatics and nautical prowess. This event, often scheduled around Memorial Day weekend, transforms Miami Beach into an amphitheater of sky and sea, where the courageous and the skilled showcase their talents.

As you plan your visit, anticipate a symphony of roaring engines and graceful maneuvers, both in the air and on the water. Here are some distinctive highlights to look out for:

  • Thunderous Flyovers: Marvel at the precision and power of military jets as they streak across the Miami sky, painting it with trails of white, blue, and red. It’s a tribute to skill, speed, and the spirit of American aviation.
  • Parachute Teams: Witness the breathtaking spectacle of parachute teams as they descend from the heavens, a dance of color and courage against the backdrop of the vast blue sky.
  • Navy Demonstrations: The sea, equally a stage, showcases impressive naval demonstrations. Watch as ships cut through the waves, displaying the might and agility of modern sea vessels.
  • Interactive Displays: Along the beach, engage with interactive displays and exhibits. It’s a hands-on experience where you can learn about the technology and skills behind these impressive feats.
  • Music and Entertainment: The show is complemented by live music and entertainment, adding a festive rhythm to the already electrifying atmosphere.
  • Fireworks: As the sun sets, the sky above Miami Beach illuminates with a dazzling display of fireworks, a fitting finale to a day of awe-inspiring performances.

While the show itself is the star, it’s also a day of remembrance and honor. The Hyundai Air & Sea Show is more than just a spectacle. It’s a celebration of American military might, courage, and dedication. Be prepared for large crowds and a festive atmosphere, and remember to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot.

Carry sunscreen, water, and perhaps a pair of binoculars to enhance your viewing experience. And, as always in Miami, be prepared for the unexpected – a sudden shower or a change in the wind, adding to the adventure of the day.

4. MAYDAYMIAMI – Jeep Showcase (middle of May)

As the month of May unfolds in Miami, it welcomes an event that is as robust and adventurous as the city itself – the MAYDAYMIAMI Jeep Showcase. This event, a celebration of rugged elegance and off-road prowess, mirrors the spirited and diverse nature of Miami. Taking place typically in mid-May, it transforms a select Miami locale into a vibrant exhibition ground, showcasing the latest and greatest from the world of Jeep.

In its illustrious past, the MAYDAYMIAMI Jeep Showcase has revved its engines in some of Miami’s most iconic locations. Picture these rugged machines against the backdrop of Miami’s scenic Bayfront Park or amidst the urban chic of Wynwood, known for its colorful street art and vibrant atmosphere. The event has also brought its adventurous spirit to the spacious grounds of the Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center, offering ample space for both the Jeeps and the throngs of enthusiasts who come to admire them. 

Tracing its roots back to a gathering of Jeep enthusiasts, MAYDAYMIAMI has evolved into a much-anticipated annual event. It’s a day when the iconic Jeep brand is celebrated in all its glory, from classic models that whisper tales of adventure to the latest innovations that roar with promise and potential.

Here’s what you can expect at the MAYDAYMIAMI Jeep Showcase:

  • Vintage and Modern Models: Explore a stunning array of Jeeps, from vintage models that paved the way for off-road exploration to the latest, tech-packed versions pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation.
  • Customization Galore: Witness the art of Jeep customization. From lifted suspensions to bespoke interiors, it’s a showcase of creativity and personal expression.
  • Off-Road Demonstrations: Experience the thrill of off-road capabilities with live demonstrations. It’s where you see these vehicles do what they do best – conquer the unconquerable.
  • Meet and Greet Sessions: Interact with fellow Jeep enthusiasts and experts. Share stories, exchange tips, and connect over a shared passion for this legendary vehicle.
  • Merchandise and Accessories: Discover a range of Jeep merchandise and accessories. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab something to remember the day or to gear up for your own Jeep adventure.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: With activities and entertainment for all ages, the event ensures that it’s not just a car showcase but a day of family fun under the Miami sun.

As you stroll among these automotive marvels, you’re walking through chapters of history and glimpses of the future. Whether you’re a Jeep owner, admirer, or just curious about the world of off-road vehicles, this event offers a fascinating journey into a brand that’s as adventurous as Miami itself.

5. Redland International Orchid Festival (middle of May)

In the lush heart of May, Miami unveils a spectacle for the senses: the Redland International Orchid Festival. This enchanting event, nestled within the verdant Redland region, is not just a festival but a poetic celebration of nature’s most mysterious and elegant creations – orchids.

Imagine a canvas painted with vibrant hues and delicate forms of thousands of orchids, each whispering a story of exotic lands and secret gardens.

But what secrets do these ethereal blooms hold? The festival, typically held at the Fruit & Spice Park, offers a glimpse into the world of these captivating flowers, renowned for their diversity and beauty. As you wander through rows of fragrant orchids, you’re embarking on a global journey, from the misty mountains of Asia to the lush forests of South America.

Here’s what awaits at the Redland International Orchid Festival:

  • A World of Orchids: Discover over 50 booths of orchid vendors, each showcasing a dazzling array of species and hybrids. From the rare and exotic to the beloved classics, the variety is as boundless as the colors they display.
  • Expert Talks and Workshops: Curious about orchid care or eager to deepen your knowledge? The festival features talks and workshops by orchid experts, offering insights into the art of orchid cultivation and care.
  • Orchid Judging: Witness the thrill of competition as orchid growers present their finest blooms for judging. Who will take home the coveted prize for the most stunning orchid?
  • Photogenic Moments: Bring your camera, for this is a photographer’s paradise. Each orchid, a masterpiece of nature, provides a perfect subject for your next breathtaking photo.
  • Garden Delights: Beyond orchids, explore the park’s other botanical wonders. It’s a celebration of all things green and growing.

As you lose yourself in the sea of orchids, remember that each flower is a symbol of beauty and resilience, much like the city of Miami itself. Whether you’re an orchid enthusiast, a casual admirer, or simply in search of beauty, the Redland International Orchid Festival is a must-visit. Will you find your favorite orchid among the myriad of blooms? There’s only one way to find out.

6. SunFest (beginning of May)

SunFest, a radiant celebration of music and art, blooms along the picturesque Intracoastal Waterway in Downtown West Palm Beach, usually in the early days of May. This three-day music festival isn’t just an event; it’s a pulsating, vibrant experience that echoes the rhythm of Miami’s dynamic spirit.

Taking place in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, SunFest transforms the waterfront into a lively hub of musical and artistic activity. As spring’s warmth nestles into Florida’s coast, this festival invites music lovers to immerse themselves in a world where sound and sea merge in a symphony of euphoric experiences.

The festival features multiple stages, each with its unique vibe and genre, offering a diverse musical journey:

  • The Main Stage: The epicenter of SunFest, where headliners and big names create unforgettable nights under the stars. Over the years, this stage has witnessed the magic of performers like Pitbull, Lenny Kravitz, and Hozier.
  • The Chill Zone Stage: A haven for indie and alternative fans where emerging artists and experimental sounds find a home. It’s a place to discover new favorites and experience the avant-garde of music.
  • The Dance Pavilion: For those who wish to lose themselves in beats and rhythms, this stage is a pulsating heart of electronic and dance music, featuring DJs and artists that turn the waterfront into a dancefloor.

Annually, SunFest draws in an audience of over 100,000 music enthusiasts, transforming West Palm Beach into a community of shared rhythms and harmonies. It’s a melting pot of cultures, ages, and musical tastes, all united by the love of live music.

Tickets for SunFest are as sought after as the first rays of summer sunshine. Be on the lookout for ticket releases, typically in the early months of the year. Early bird tickets not only offer a savings grace but also ensure you’re part of this exhilarating musical journey.

7. Best of the Best Music Fest (during Memorial Weekend)

As May’s warmth envelops Miami, it heralds the arrival of the Best of the Best Music Fest, a vibrant celebration of Caribbean culture and music. Taking place during Memorial Weekend, this annual event stands as one of North America’s largest international music festivals, turning Miami into a playground of rhythm and melody.

The Best of the Best Music Fest is a cultural phenomenon that brings the rich tapestry of Caribbean music and heritage to the forefront. Set against Miami’s dynamic backdrop, the festival becomes a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and flavors.

Imagine a place where the rhythms of reggae, the beats of dancehall, and the vibrant melodies of soca come together in a harmonious blend. This festival provides just that – an auditory feast that transcends borders and unites people through the universal language of music.

Over the years, Best of the Best Music Fest has seen a lineup of legendary artists and rising stars alike, each bringing their unique sounds to the Miami stage. From the iconic beats of Beenie Man to the soulful melodies of Beres Hammond, the festival has been a showcase of some of the finest talents in Caribbean music.

Drawing in thousands from across the globe, the festival not only celebrates music but also fosters a sense of community among those who share a love for Caribbean culture. And for those eager to be part of this exuberant celebration, keeping an eye out for ticket releases is key. They typically become available in the months leading up to Memorial Weekend, offering various options to experience the festival in all its glory.

8. Haitian Compas Festival (middle of May)

Imagine stepping into a realm where every beat tells a story, and every melody paints a picture – this is the essence of Miami’s Haitian Compas Festival. As May’s gentle breeze swirls through the city, it carries with it the vibrant beats of Haiti, transforming Miami into a lively canvas of cultural celebration.

Set in the very heart of Miami, this festival is an annual homage to Compas – rhythmic dance music that is the pride of Haiti. Here, the streets become alive with the soul-stirring beats and the melodious strains of this beloved genre, inviting you into a world where music is not just heard but felt above all.

Each corner of the festival is a testament to the rich tapestry of Haitian culture. From the moment the first drumbeat resonates, you’re enveloped in a musical narrative that spans decades and oceans. The air is filled with the sounds of celebrated Compas artists, each performance a vibrant showcase of talent and tradition.

Musical Maestros: Experience live performances from Compas legends and new-age trailblazers, offering a spectrum of sounds from soulful ballads to energetic rhythms.
Cultural Mosaic: Beyond music, the festival is a kaleidoscope of Haitian culture. Discover a world of art, dance, and cuisine, each element telling its own story of heritage and pride.

As you plan to immerse yourself in this rhythmic odyssey, remember that tickets are treasured commodities, often selling out swiftly. Be alert for ticket releases and prepare to dive into a cultural experience that’s both exhilarating and soulful.

For all of you who love dancing, love experiencing new cultures and learning new things, Miami awaits your arrival at this spectacular celebration of Haitian Compas.

9. Wine and Food Experience

Step into the elegant world of Veritage Miami’s Wine and Food Experience, a sumptuous affair where fine wine, exquisite cuisine, and philanthropy intertwine in a delightful dance. This year, the historic Dinner Key in Coconut Grove sets the stage for this sophisticated event, promising an ambiance of refined pleasure and charitable warmth.

As you meander through the verdant expanse of Dinner Key, you’re attending an event with a toast to philanthropy. Each sip of wine and each bite of gourmet fare contributes to a grander purpose, with all proceeds directed towards charitable endeavors. It’s an opportunity to indulge your senses while making a meaningful impact.

The Epicurean Delight

  • Winery Wonderland: Over 30 winery booths await, each a portal to a different world of flavors. From bold reds to crisp whites, the variety is as vast as it is tantalizing. Imagine swirling a glass of fine wine as you gaze out over the serene waters of Coconut Grove.
  • Culinary Masterpieces: Accompanying the wines are culinary creations from some of Miami’s finest chefs. Each dish is a work of art, crafted to complement the wines and enchant the palate.
  • Atmosphere of Elegance: The setting of Dinner Key adds a touch of historical charm to the event, its lush surroundings providing a picturesque backdrop for an evening of indulgence and philanthropy.

This Wine and Food Experience is a magnificent journey through the senses, a celebration of the finer things in life. It’s an occasion where wine connoisseurs, food enthusiasts, and philanthropists come together to share their passion and generosity.

To be part of this exquisite gathering, keep an eye out for ticket releases. They are highly sought after, not just for the experience they offer but for the heartfelt cause they support.

What to do in Miami in May: The Takeaways

As our journey through the vibrant offerings of Miami in May comes to a close, let’s pause to reflect on the takeaways from this tapestry of events and experiences. Miami in May is a vivid celebration of life, culture, and the joy of discovery.

Embrace Diversity in Experiences

From the high-speed thrills of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix to the serene elegance of the Redland International Orchid Festival, Miami’s May calendar is a mosaic of diverse events. Each one offers a unique lens through which to experience the city’s dynamic spirit.

Savor Cultural Richness

Miami’s cultural tapestry shines brightly in May. The Haitian Compas Festival and Best of the Best Music Fest remind us of the city’s rich heritage and the unifying power of music, while the Wine and Food Experience at Veritage Miami offers a taste of culinary excellence coupled with a philanthropic heart.

Plan and Participate

Each of these events is a world in itself, rich in experiences and opportunities. To fully enjoy what Miami has to offer in May, planning is key. Be it securing tickets for the sought-after SunFest or navigating the bustling streets during the Jeep Showcase, a little preparation goes a long way.

Connect and Celebrate

Finally, these events are more than just spectacles to observe; they’re opportunities to connect. Each festival, show, and gathering is a chance to meet like-minded individuals, to share in the joy of the moment, and create memories that resonate beyond the confines of time.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a culture enthusiast, a music lover, or simply in search of new adventures, Miami extends its warm embrace, offering a world of discovery. So, pack your bags, bring your spirit of adventure, and prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of Miami in May. What stories will you take home from this vibrant city? The stage is set; the city awaits.

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