So, you’re heading to Miami in April? Excellent choice! You might be thinking: sun, beaches, maybe a bit of Art Deco – the usual Miami fare. But let me tell you, in this Ode à la Rose blog, you’re in for a treat that’s anything but usual.

In our latest blog post, we’re peeling back the layers of this sun-kissed city to reveal its April secrets. Think of exclusive events, hidden spots, and quirky experiences that your typical travel guides won’t tell you about. From under-the-radar gardens bursting with spring blooms to unique cultural festivities that only pop up this time of year, Miami in April is a treasure trove of surprises.

Ready to step off the beaten path and explore what really makes Miami tick in April? Keep reading because we’re about to guide you through a Miami you never knew existed, perfectly timed for your April adventure. Let’s uncover the city’s hidden April gems together and find many answers to the question: “What to do in Miami in April.”

Miami’s Weather in April

Miami, the city where the sun reigns supreme, is a place of endless summer vibes. As the calendar flips to April, the city welcomes one of its most delightful months. April in Miami is a time when the harsher winter chills have bid farewell, and the sweltering heat of summer is yet to arrive. This month, which gracefully unfolds 30 days, offers a perfect balance of warmth and breezy comfort.

But what exactly can you expect weather-wise during your April visit to Miami? Let’s break it down with a comprehensive table that covers all the essentials.

Weather in Miami in April
Average High Temperature84 °F (29 °C)
Average Low Temperature69 °F (20 °C)
Precipitation1.05 inches (27 mm)
Dew Point64 °F (18 °C)
Wind Speed9 mph (14 km/h)
Average Pressure30.03 inches Hg
Visibility9 miles (14.5 km)
Sunrise TimeApproximately 6:56 AM
Sunset TimeApproximately 7:45 PM
Average Rainy Days7 days
Sunshine76% of daylight hours
Total Daylight HoursApproximately 291 hours in the month
Hurricane AlertLow (Hurricane season: June 1 – Nov 30)
Storm AlertUnlikely in April

1. Miami Beach International Fashion Week (Early April)

Miami Beach International Fashion Week, starting in late March and spilling into April, is a dazzling spectacle held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This event transforms the venue into a futuristic ‘Fashion City,’ where international designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts converge to unveil the latest trends.

It’s a global stage, particularly highlighting Hispanic designers and attracting industry professionals from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Central and South America.

Attendees can expect an up-close view of the latest in women’s day and evening wear, men’s fashion, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories. The event is not just about fashion shows, though. It also features a juried competition for emerging designers, photographers, and graphic artists, drawing participation from numerous countries. This event is a major draw for the international press, making significant impressions across various media platforms.

For visitors, it’s advisable to book accommodations early, as hotels fill up quickly during this period. The event’s schedule, including show dates and times, celebrity parties, and red carpet events, can be found on the official website. The Miami Moda and Music Awards, presented in conjunction with the Fashion Week, add an extra layer of glamour to the festivities.

This global celebration of style, encompassing Miami and Miami Beach, is a rapidly growing event and a must-visit for those interested in fashion and the latest trends​​.

2. Miami Open Tennis Tournament (Late March to Early April)

The Miami Open Tennis Tournament, a premier event in the tennis world, takes place from late March to early April. In 2023, it was held from March 21 to April 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

This tournament, now in its 38th edition, is a significant event on both the ATP (Men’s) and WTA (Women’s) tours, classified as an ATP Masters 1000 and a WTA 1000 event, respectively. The tournament is played on outdoor hard courts, drawing top talent from around the globe.

The Miami Open presents a unique opportunity for tennis enthusiasts and casual spectators alike to witness some of the world’s best players compete. The tournament offers a full range of exciting tennis matchups with both men’s and women’s singles draws and doubles events. In 2023, the defending champions were Carlos Alcaraz (Men’s Singles) and Iga Świątek (Women’s Singles), although Świątek withdrew before the tournament began.

For visitors in Miami during this period, attending the Miami Open is a chance to experience high-caliber tennis in a vibrant city known for its dynamic culture and beautiful settings. The Hard Rock Stadium provides a fantastic venue for this event, combining top-notch sporting action with the unique energy and atmosphere of Miami​​​​.

3. Easter Celebrations

Easter in Miami is a festive and vibrant celebration filled with a variety of events catering to all ages and interests. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular Easter events in Miami.

  • “Easter at the Farm” at Pinto Farm (Saturdays and Sundays): This family-friendly event features Easter egg hunts, visits with the Easter Bunny, pony rides, a petting zoo, tractor rides, and paddle boat rides. It’s a perfect blend of traditional Easter activities and farm fun. Their address is 14890 SW 216th St, Miami, but make sure to make a reservation and plan your family trip ahead because this is one of the top destinations in Miami in Easter.
  • Egg-Venture at Zoo Miami (usually during the entire month): Zoo Miami hosts a mobile in-park scavenger hunt. Families can enjoy a stroll through the park and use an app on their mobile phones to find 12 fun eggs hidden throughout the walkways. Prizes include treat-filled eco-friendly eggs and guaranteed thrilling fun for the entire group.
  • Easter at Dolphin Mall (around Easter): Dolphin Mall celebrates Easter with family-friendly activities like complimentary face painting, canvas painting, and photos with the Easter Bunny. It’s an ideal spot for families looking for a more commercial and interactive Easter experience that offers something for every generation.
  • Eggstravaganza at Doral Meadow Park (before Easter Day): This event includes egg hunts for ages 2-10, inflatable rides, fun games, and interactive activities. It’s an action-packed day for children, full of Easter-themed fun. Though parents don;t actually take palace at the event, they can take a bunch of photos and interact with their children while being present all the time.
  • Little Farm Easter Egg Hunt (around Easter): Offering a more intimate setting, this event includes animal interactions, pony rides, and egg hunts. It’s a great option for families looking for a quieter Easter celebration.
  • Easter Egg-Ventures with Salty at the Miami Seaquarium (April 8 – 9, 2023): This unique event combines Easter celebrations with sea exploration alongside the most popular sea creature, Salty the Sea Lion. Participants can enjoy an egg hunt and receive “Salty’s Easter Goodies,” alongside life-long memories, pictures of the venue, and a DJ party at the end!
  • Flamingo Gardens’ Orchid and Bromeliad Show (around or shortly after Easter): This show is a must-visit for those interested in colorful flora and fauna. It features live orchid floral displays set among lush tropical gardens.
  • Easter Sunday Brunches (in the midst of Easter celebration): Many restaurants in Miami offer special Easter brunches. From bottomless mimosas and a bunch of delicious and flowery cocktails to a smorgasbord of dishes, it’s a gastronomic delight for food lovers.

These events highlight Miami’s diverse and inclusive approach to Easter celebrations, offering something for everyone and emphasizing family-friendly activities​​ because that’s the true spirit of holidays, right?

4. Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival (Early April)

The Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival, taking place in early April, is not just a celebration. This spectacle is a riot of color, inclusivity, and good vibes. Since its humble beginnings in 2009 as a neighborhood gathering, it has morphed into a 16-day, rainbow-hued extravaganza that makes other parties look like a tea social. This festival, which drew over 170,000 people during the 2023 gathering, has something for everyone – whether you’re there for the cause, the spectacle, or just to see Miami at its most fabulous.

The festival’s lineup is as diverse as its attendees. From the ‘Fun Dip’ pool party (where the only thing deeper than the pool is the playlist) to high-energy performances in Lummus Park and the grand finale parade that turns Ocean Drive into a runway more colorful than a bag of Skittles. There’s even a Miss Miami Beach Pride Pageant, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle and sash?

But it’s not all feather boas and disco balls. The event also includes a variety of cultural and social justice events, proving that pride is not just about partying but also about community and connection. The parade, a shimmering spectacle along Ocean Drive, is a must-see, whether you’re there to wave a flag or bask in the glow of one of Miami’s most vibrant events.

In short, Miami Beach Gay Pride is a celebration where everyone’s invited, regardless of who you love or how you identify. It’s a blend of fun, fashion, and heartfelt celebration, showing off Miami at its most open-hearted and open-minded​​​​.

5. Miami Music Week (Late March to Early April)

Miami Music Week, the electronic dance music extravaganza, hits Miami like a tidal wave of lights and beats every year round. Since its debut in 2011, this weeklong marathon has become one of the world’s largest congregations of dance music aficionados. 

And we’ll explain why it’s more than just a festival but an experience that boasts many ordinary things.

  • The Vibe: Imagine hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe, descending on Miami for a pulsating, heart-thumping good time. It’s not just a festival, but a global reunion of rhythm and dance.
  • The Music: With over 1,000 artists performing at over 260 events, Miami Music Week is an all-you-can-hear buffet of electronic dance music. From the thumping basslines of house music to the soaring melodies of trance, it’s an auditory journey through the world of EDM.
  • The Venues: Think beyond traditional stages. We’re talking about nightclubs, pools, boats, and pop-up venues across Miami’s hottest neighborhoods like Wynwood, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Little Haiti. Each setting offers a unique experience, transforming the entire city into one big dance floor.
  • The Stars: The lineup reads like a who’s who of EDM royalty. Names like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Afrojack, Tiesto, David Guetta, and Skrillex have graced the stages, turning each performance into a memorable spectacle.
  • The Parties: From swanky hotels like the Gale, Dream, and Raleigh to poolside jams and beachfront bashes, every corner of Miami buzzes with excitement. You’re not just attending a festival; you’re experiencing the heartbeat of Miami.
  • The Labels: Heavy hitters like Crosstown Rebels, Spinnin’, Anjunabeats, and Fool’s Gold curate events throughout the city, ensuring there’s a beat for every kind of EDM enthusiast.
  • The Crowd: Miami Music Week isn’t just about the music; it’s about the people. Whether you’re a die-hard EDM fan or a curious newcomer, the energy of the crowd is infectious, welcoming, and full of life.

We’ll explain the top tiers of the Miami Music Week, and the crown of the festival – the notorious Miami Ultra.

Ultra Music Festival: The Heartbeat of Miami Music Week

This three-day musical fiesta, part of the grand Miami Music Week, is a magnet for electronic dance music lovers. In 2023, it brought together the crème de la crème of dance music, featuring performances that ranged from the hypnotic beats of Tale Of Us at the Megastructure to the debut of Charlotte de Witte on the Main Stage, and the unforgettable (and slightly controversial) closing by Swedish House Mafia. These high-end performances attracted more than 165,000 visitors!

Afterlife: A Journey Beyond Music

This event is not just a party but an odyssey into artistic expression’s depths. Think transcending performances, innovative mind-altering visuals, and immersive installations that have earned global acclaim. At Afterlife, you’re not just attending an event; you’re stepping into a parallel universe where every beat, every visual, is part of a larger, mesmerizing story. It’s where music meets art, and the boundaries between performer and audience blur into one collective experience​​.

Get Lost: 24 Hours of Musical Wonderland

Picture this – a 24-hour circus of sound, starting from midday to midday, where every hour unveils a new layer of auditory adventure. Hosted by Crosstown Rebels & Link Miami Rebels, this iconic event marked its 16th session in 2023, kicking off celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Crosstown Rebels label. Located at Factory Town in Hialeah, Get Lost Miami is more than an event; it’s a rite of passage for those who live and breathe electronic music​​.

6. Miami Whisk(e)y Mash

When the radiant Miami sun dips below the horizon and the city’s vibrant pulse subtly shifts gears, there emerges an event for the connoisseurs of the finer things in life – the Miami Whisk(e)y Mash. This annual spectacle, typically held at the beginning or the very first day of April at the Cruz Building in Coconut Grove, is a celebration that transcends the mere appreciation of whiskey.

Born from the minds of whiskey enthusiasts who sought to bring a world-class experience to the Magic City, this event has rapidly become a must-attend for aficionados and novices alike. 

As you step into the Cruz Building, a historic gem that exudes old-world elegance, you are transported into a realm where time slows down, and the finer nuances of life come to the fore. Picture this: an assemblage of over a hundred whiskey expressions, from the smoky peats of Scotland to the bold bourbons of Kentucky, each telling its own tale of heritage and craftsmanship.

The Miami Whisk(e)y Mash has garnered acclaim for its expansive selection and the story behind each bottle. Master distillers and brand ambassadors eagerly share their knowledge, offering insights into the delicate process of whiskey-making. 

But what truly sets this event apart is its vibrant Miami twist. Imagine pairing your whiskey with local culinary delights or swaying to live music that complements the spirited ambiance.

For the whiskey enthusiast, the Miami Whisk(e)y Mash is akin to a pilgrimage – a chance to indulge in rare and exclusive batches, and for the curious, it’s an open door to a world rich with flavor and tradition. It’s more than an event; it’s a celebration of passion, a toast to craftsmanship, and a tribute to the liquid gold that has captivated hearts and palates the world over.

7. Miami International Agriculture, Horse & Cattle Show (start of April)

Imagine a place where the rustic charm of the countryside meets the vibrant energy of Miami. This is precisely what unfolds at the Miami International Agriculture, Horse & Cattle Show. Held annually in April at the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Center at Tropical Park, this event is a delightful fusion of agricultural heritage and Miami’s multicultural vibrancy.

Originating as a platform to showcase Florida’s rich agricultural heritage, this show has grown into an international affair, celebrating not just local but global agricultural practices and innovations.

What Makes It Special for Visitors?

  • Diverse Attractions: From majestic horse shows to the display of the finest cattle, the event is a paradise for animal lovers and those curious about farm life.
  • Educational and Fun: Learn about modern farming techniques, animal care, and sustainable agriculture practices in an engaging and interactive environment.
  • Cultural Melting Pot: Reflecting Miami’s diversity, the show includes elements from various cultures, making it a colorful and educational experience for all ages.
  • Family-Friendly Entertainment: The event is packed with activities that are both educational and entertaining for families, from live animal exhibits to thrilling horseback riding shows.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Enjoy a range of local and international cuisines, offering a taste of Miami’s diverse food culture.
  • Networking Opportunity: It’s a hub for farmers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to connect and share knowledge.

Combining agriculture with the flair of Miami, this event offers a unique experience that stands out from typical agricultural shows. Whether you’re a farmer, an animal lover, or just looking for a unique family outing, this show promises a blend of education, entertainment, and excitement. If you were wondering what to do in Miami in April that will enable an experience like no other, this is the place to be.

8. Miami Riverday Festival (in April)

Held annually, typically in April, the Miami Riverday Festival takes place along the scenic banks of the Miami River at Lummus Park Historic District. It’s a day when the past, present, and future of this storied river converge in a vibrant tapestry of festivities.

Imagine a day bathed in the warmth of Miami’s sunshine, where the river’s gentle flow sets the stage for a series of events that are as diverse as the city itself. The festival starts with many activities, each offering a unique flavor of Miami’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

  • Riverboat Tours: A highlight of the festival, these guided tours offer a glimpse into the river’s storied past, its ecological significance, and the ever-evolving skyline of Miami.
  • Live Music and Performances: The air resonates with an eclectic mix of live music, ranging from traditional Latin beats to modern fusion, mirroring the city’s diverse cultural tapestry.
  • Historical Reenactments: Step back in time with captivating reenactments that bring Miami’s colorful history to life right on the banks of the river where much of this history unfolded.
  • Art and Craft Exhibitions: Local artists and craftsmen showcase their talents, adding a splash of creativity and color to the festivities.
  • Culinary Delights: No Miami festival is complete without a gastronomic adventure. Relish the flavors of local and international cuisines, each dish telling its own story of cultural fusion.

Whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply in search of a delightful day out, the Miami Riverday Festival offers a little something for everyone. It’s a testament to Miami’s ability to honor its past while reveling in the vibrancy of its present and future through the looking glass of fun, drinks, and gastronomic enlightenment.

9. South Beach Triathlon (April)

For those who relish a challenge with a dash of Miami’s coastal charm, the South Beach Triathlon is an exhilarating blend of grit, endurance, and scenic beauty. Taking place annually, typically in April, this event turns the iconic South Beach into an arena for one of the most picturesque triathlons you’ll ever set your sights on.

The South Beach Triathlon is more than a test of physical endurance; it’s a journey through Miami’s stunning landscapes. Participants start with a sun-kissed swim in the Atlantic, tackle a bike course with views of Miami’s Art Deco skyline, and cap it off with a run alongside the famous South Beach. It’s a triathlon that doubles as a tour of Miami’s most breathtaking vistas.

You’ll get to see others competing (or competing yourself) within the following disciplines consecutively:

  • Swim: The triathlon begins with a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The course varies depending on the competition level, offering both a sprint and an international distance.
  • Bike: After the swim, athletes mount their bikes for a course that takes them across Miami Beach’s causeways, offering panoramic views of the city and the bay. The bike segment challenges participants with its varying distances and the Miami heat.
  • Run: The final leg is a run along the iconic sands of South Beach. This stretch is where the spirit of Miami really shines through, with cheering crowds, palm-lined paths, and the ocean breeze providing a much-needed boost.

The South Beach Triathlon attracts a diverse range of participants, from elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts and beginners looking for a memorable challenge. The event also includes a kid’s triathlon, making it a family-friendly affair where future triathletes get to shine.

But it’s not all sweat and grit. The event is imbued with a fun, festive atmosphere, true to Miami’s style. Post-race, participants, and spectators can enjoy a beach party with music, food, and a well-deserved relaxation session by the sea. Whether you’re there to compete or to cheer, it’s an event that promises excitement, camaraderie, and a unique Miami-style adventure.

10. Miami Rum Festival

Here’s another “beverage spectacle” on your what to do in Miami in April list. 

The Miami Rum Festival is the spot where the spirit of the Caribbean meets the zest of Miami in a jubilant celebration of one of the world’s most beloved spirits. Held annually, often in April or May, this festival is hosted at the Coral Gables Woman’s Club, transforming it into a haven for rum enthusiasts and curious explorers alike.

This event isn’t just a tasting – it’s a journey through the history and culture of rum. Attendees are invited to sip and savor a diverse array of rums from across the globe. Each rum tells its own story, from the smooth, aged varieties of the Caribbean to the bold and spicy flavors emerging from new craft distilleries.

  • Tastings and Masterclasses: The festival features guided tastings and masterclasses where rum aficionados and master distillers share their knowledge, discussing everything from the aging process to the subtleties of flavor profiles.
  • Global Representation: With a focus on the finest rums, the festival showcases a wide range, from well-known commercial brands to exclusive craft rums, providing a taste of the diversity and richness of the rum world.
  • Mixology Demonstrations: For those interested in the art of cocktail making, skilled mixologists demonstrate how to craft the perfect rum cocktail, blending tradition with contemporary flair.
  • Cultural Celebrations: The festival is not just about rum; it’s a celebration of the cultures that have shaped this iconic drink. Expect vibrant music, dance, and art embodying the spirit of the rum-producing regions.

Visiting the Miami Rum Festival is like stepping into a world where time slows down, and the focus shifts to the joy of discovery and appreciation of craftsmanship. It’s an event that caters to both seasoned rum lovers and those just beginning their rum journey.

What truly sets the Miami Rum Festival apart is its vibrant Miami twist. Picture yourself sipping a fine rum while surrounded by the energy and colors of Miami, with the city’s distinct vibe adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

11. Miami Dance Festival

Step into the rhythm of Miami with the annual Miami Dance Festival, an event that turns the city into a pulsating stage of artistic expression and graceful movements. Held in April, the Miami Dance Festival showcases the vibrant and diverse dance culture of Miami, ranging from ballet to contemporary and from folk to hip-hop, at various venues across the city.

The Miami Dance Festival isn’t just a series of performances; it’s a celebration of dance as a language that transcends words. It brings together local and international dance companies, offering a platform for both established and emerging artists.

The festival’s lineup is as diverse as Miami’s cultural tapestry, with performances that challenge, inspire, and enthrall.

  • Ballet and Contemporary Performances: Witness the elegance and precision of ballet and the expressive power of contemporary dance, with performances by renowned companies and groundbreaking choreographers.
  • Street Dance and Hip-Hop Shows: Experience the energy and creativity of street dance and hip-hop, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of these popular forms.
  • Interactive Workshops: The festival also includes workshops and masterclasses for dance enthusiasts of all levels, providing a unique opportunity to learn from the masters of the craft.
  • Cultural Dance Displays: Embrace the cultural richness of Miami through performances of traditional and folk dances from around the world, celebrating the city’s diverse heritage.

What makes the Miami Dance Festival a must-visit event is the way it mirrors the city’s spirit – vibrant, diverse, and constantly evolving. Each performance is a window into different cultures and styles, making the festival a melting pot of artistic expression.

The festival venues, ranging from theatres to open-air stages, offer the perfect backdrop for these captivating performances. The air buzzes with the excitement of the audience as each day of the festival brings new surprises and breathtaking displays of creativity and talent.

What to Do in Miami in April: The Final Call

April in Miami – a symphony of sun, spirit, and spectacle. It’s the month when this vibrant city unfolds its myriad wonders, inviting one and all to partake in experiences as diverse and dynamic as Miami itself. From the sun-kissed shores of South Beach to the historic banks of the Miami River, each event we’ve explored is a thread in the rich tapestry that is Miami in April.

As the city blooms in April, each event in Miami is more than just an activity; it’s an invitation to experience the city’s multifaceted personality. Whether it’s the elegance of ballet, the grit of a triathlon, the history in a glass of whiskey, or the cultural tapestry at a river festival, Miami in April offers something for every taste and temperament.

So, as you ponder over ‘What to do in Miami in April?’, remember, each choice is not just about what you’ll see or do, but what you’ll feel and experience. 

It’s about immersing yourself in the essence of Miami, a city that dances to the beat of April’s vibrant rhythms. Make your April visit to Miami a journey of discovery, where each event is a new chapter in your travel story, and the city itself becomes a character you’ll never forget.