The rose is the traditional symbol of love. But a bouquet of 50 roses? Fifty long stem red roses? That’s a passionate message. Don’t stop there? Take it to the next level with a bouquet of 75 roses, or just send 100 roses. Ode à la Rose, the florist with the French touch – didn’t the French invent love? – offers same day hand-delivered flowers.


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Convey Your Love With 50 Roses or More

Making a big gesture draws attention to your love and affection. Are you ready to make a lasting impression on someone you love? Our elegant arrangements of 50 Roses or even 75 Roses will say more than you can with mere words. This bouquet speaks to your devotion. It really shows how much you care by going above and beyond the typical gift of a dozen roses.

We include the most gorgeous flowers in this memorable gift, too. Ode à la Rose sources our incredible roses from the best farms around the world. We know how much this gift means to you, and we want to wow your recipient, too. That's why we hand-select each flower in the arrangement and take the greatest of care putting it together. You can choose from:

Or you may want our assorted bouquet, which includes all different colors, a real feast for the eyes. In fact, you will engage many of the senses when you send 50 Roses, from the sweet scent of the flowers to their silky feel.

Who to Send Your 50 Roses To?

Our 50 Roses make a spectacular romantic gesture. Send them to a spouse, a significant other, or someone you just met but can't seem to get off your mind. You will make an incredible impression by sending a gift they can enjoy for a long time. The thoughtfulness behind this bouquet also makes it an ideal gift for someone who recently got engaged or celebrated another exciting milestone, such as a big birthday. Make their day a little more exciting by sending 50 Roses — or even more.

What Occasions Should You Send 50 Roses For?

The best occasion to send roses is no occasion at all. You will make quite an impact when you order this big bouquet "just because." This tells someone you don't need a reason to think of them — they are always on your mind. An unexpected gift offers a special way to demonstrate the depth of your feelings.

You can also send our 50 Roses when it's cause for celebration. There are so many things to love and feel good about in life. Commemorating them with a beautiful bouquet makes them that much better. Occasions to send 50 Roses on may include:

Choose Ode à la Rose for the Service and Quality You Desire

Ode à la Rose knows what a difference personalization can make for your gift recipient. We provide a personal touch at every step of our ordering process. We send you a picture of the actual arrangement we will send your loved one, so you know exactly what will get. You can upload a picture of yourself when you order, and we will include that photo with the delivery of the bouquet.

We offer same-day delivery in Chicago and New York, and next-day delivery in the northeast. Contact us today to place your order or ask any questions about our exquisite 50 Roses bouquet.