Christmas Flowers


Christmas Flowers delivered by Ode à la Rose

As the song tells us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is a time to enjoy the company of family, delicious food, drinks, gifts, classic movies, snow, and so much more. It is also the most decoration-heavy part of the entire calendar year. From Christmas trees to colorful lights, the Christmas season has no shortage of festive decorations, so why should flowers be left out of the equation?

At Ode à la Rose, we carry a variety of flower arrangements and floral decorations that are perfect for the holiday season. Take a festive turn by decorating your home with poinsettias, or make the season romantic by purchasing a holiday-appropriate bouquet of red and white roses. We also carry cheerful Christmas wreaths and vibrant Christmas centerpieces, perfect for decorating your dinner table ahead of a big Christmas night feast with family.

Those who don’t celebrate Christmas need not be left out either. Our holiday flower selection also includes a smattering of Hanukkah flowers. If you need advice on which flower types are right for your decorative tastes, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our associates are happy to point you toward the right flowers to buy for the holiday season.

FAQ about Christmas Flowers

When to order for Christmas?

Christmas is on December 25th, but if you’re ordering Christmas flowers, you are going to want them for as much of the festive holiday season as is possible. Poinsettias especially have a good long life, so you can expect them to last for longer than the week of Christmas.

For all of your holiday flower needs, though, it’s a good idea to order a week or so in advance. Mid-December is the busiest time of the year for the retail and delivery industries, and it’s a busy time for us as well. We want to make sure we can get your stuff to you in a timely fashion.

What type of flower arrangement should I send to celebrate Christmas?

The answer to this question depends on your intended recipient! If you are buying flowers for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, a bouquet of festive red and white roses is the perfect Christmas flower arrangement. If you are sending something to friends, colleagues, or family members, poinsettias or Christmas wreaths might be more appropriate options.

Quick Flower Delivery

Are you looking for a reliable flower delivery service that always exceeds expectations? We are that company. Our flower delivery service operates in Manhattan, other cities in New York state and an array of locales throughout the Northeast. Manhattan and Brooklyn customers are provided with same day delivery while other cities in the Northeast enjoy next day delivery.

Same Day Flower Bouquet Delivery Across all of Manhattan and Brooklyn

We know just how busy the typical Manhattan or Brooklyn resident and worker is during the week. It is easy to forget about plans to send flowers to a loved one or friend. Get your flower order in by 3 PM and we'll deliver on the same day. This same day service is available Monday through Saturday. Our flower delivery squad delivers to each and every Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhood. If you need flowers delivered on Sunday, all you have to do is place your order details by Noon on Saturday and a beautiful bouquet will be there the next day!

Next Day Delivery

Orders for deliveries outside of Manhattan that are placed by 3 PM will show up the next day. This service is available across more than 1,400 cities in the greater Northeastern portion of the nation. We deliver on Mondays as long as the order is placed by 12 PM on Saturday. Each bouquet is made fresh and shipped overnight so it looks, feels and smells just like it did when assembled at our workshop. Next day delivery is available for New York cities aside from Manhattan as well as cities in states like Washington DC, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and beyond.