Variety of roses

At Ode à la ROSE, we carry the widest variety of roses of any online florist. All our roses are available in a vast color range from reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, lavenders and creams. While we offer the most popular varieties of roses, we are constantly searching and finding other new species that we introduce to our customers all year long. Our dedication to quality is unbeatable; we only work with the best farms in the industry to bring you the highest quality available !

freedom roses

Freedom roses

The most popular red rose thanks to its bright red and beautiful large head. With vase life of 10 days with proper care, you can’t go wrong with this variety for a romantic gift.

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sweet unique

Sweet unique

True to its name, this unique hot pink rose will open large and last forever. Never disappointing and always a top choice when you're looking for something less classic.

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A luxury pure white rose that opens large and round. We love this chic and classic white. And to brighthen it up even more you can mix them with pink, orange or yellow roses.

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This beautiful white rose seems small at first but opens very large in a star shape. The way Eskimo roses bloom is very surprising and makes a lasting impression.

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Probably the most surprising rose variety we carry, the circus rose is a best seller with bright yellow petals and orange touches on the edge. A great choice for any occasion.

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red paris

Red paris

A beautiful name for a dark red rose with a medium size head. We love to mix Red Paris and Freedom roses when it comes to romance making it the perfect combination.

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cool water

Cool Water

A lavender rose which opens into a large star shaped bloom. Cool Water roses are rich in color with blush pink undertones making them sparkle with depth.

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high magic

High magic

The High Magic rose is a bicolor variety with a soft color blend of yellow and red. Its edges have a burned-like touch, which makes it a rose with great character.

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A beautiful soft pink shade with a large head and a classic shape, Rosita vendela roses open large. We love to mix them with stronger pink sweet unique roses.

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A popular bright yellow rose. This rose might seem closed when delivered but it will open up very large. Yellow roses bring a lot of joy and will brighten up any home.

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Crème de la crème

True to its name, this is a cream rose with a butter-like color shade in the center that opens up into a demi star shaped bloom. Definitely the Bride’s favorite !

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black magic

Black magic

One of the deepest and darkest red roses available, the Black Magic rose has a large velvety head that fully opens into a mesmerizing star-shaped bloom.

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Known for its buds that open to round white blooms, the Snowball rose is a highly perfumed flower that will fill any room with its delicate scent.

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