What to Do in Miami in December

Are you already hearing “All I Want for Christmas is You” everywhere around – malls, radio, TV? Yes – it’s that time of the year. But the jingle-bell rock has something different in mind for Miami because December in Miami is a delightful paradox. While the rest of the world wraps up in layers, Miami revels in the sun’s warm embrace.

In this vibrant city where palm trees outnumber snowflakes, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to explore during the holiday season. From art festivals that’ll ignite your creativity to beachside relaxation that’ll melt away your worries, Miami in December is a unique experience that captivates visitors.

If you would like to spend a holiday spirit in very different surroundings, Miami in December is just for you. Our seasoned Ode à la Rose professionals will tell you all you need to know about what to do in Miami in December. Join us on the journey of golden sunsets and mile-long beaches instead of snowflake Christmas days and warm tea.

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Miami’s Weather in December

Now, let’s talk about Miami’s weather in December – the meteorological ballet that sets the stage for your December adventures. While the entire northern hemisphere is shivering under layers of winter gear, Miami is basking in average temperatures ranging from a balmy 62°F (16°C) in the evenings to a pleasantly warm 77°F (25°C) during the day.

It’s as if the city decided to turn down the heat just a notch from its steamy summer embrace.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in December:

  • Average Temperature: As mentioned, the daytime temperatures hover around 77°F (25°C), while nights are comfortable at 62°F (16°C). This Goldilocks zone ensures you won’t need to pack your parka or sunscreen.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Times: Miami likes to keep things well-lit in December. Sunrise usually graces the city around 7:00 AM, while the sun bids its adieu at around 5:30 PM, leaving plenty of daylight for your explorations.
  • Humidity: Miami’s notorious humidity takes a backseat during December. Relative humidity levels drop to a more manageable 70%, making the air feel less like a warm, wet hug and more like a gentle caress.
  • Precipitation: December is relatively dry in Miami. You can expect just a smattering of rainfall, with an average of 2 inches (5 cm) throughout the month. So, while you might want to pack an umbrella, chances are you won’t need it often.
  • Chances for Rain: Rainfall is sporadic, with only 6 rainy days on average. Miami likes to keep you guessing, but don’t worry; those sunny moments far outweigh the cloudy ones.
  • Wind: The gentle ocean breezes keep the atmosphere pleasant, with an average wind speed of 9 mph (14 km/h).

Now, let’s visualize this information with a detailed table:

Weather Characteristic Average Value
Average Temperature 62°F (16°C) (Night) / 77°F (25°C) (Day)
Sunrise Time Around 7:00 AM
Sunset Time Around 5:30 PM
Humidity 70%
Precipitation 2 inches (5 cm)
Chances for Rain 6 rainy days
Chances for Hurricane Very unlikely in December
Wind 9 mph (14 km/h)

With this weather insight, you’re now equipped to plan your Miami escapades in December confidently.

1. Art Basel Miami Beach: Where Art, Sun, and Magic Converge

As December dawns upon Miami, a buzz in the air is more exciting than Santa’s sleigh bells. It’s the time when the art world, like a constellation of creative stars, aligns over the sandy shores of Miami Beach. This dazzling cosmic event? None other than Art Basel Miami Beach, the art extravaganza that transcends the conventional, making it a must-visit spectacle from December 8th to 11th in 2023.

Art Basel Miami Beach isn’t just an art fair – it’s a narrative woven into the cultural fabric of Miami. It first graced the city in 2002 and has become a glittering annual tradition. The event originated in Switzerland in the 1970s, with its Miami Beach edition being the radiant, sun-soaked sibling.

In 2023, the art world’s elite will descend upon the Miami Beach Convention Center, transforming it into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of creativity. The event showcases a curated selection of art from over 250 galleries across the globe, making it a tantalizing visual feast for art enthusiasts.

Art Basel Miami Beach isn’t just about the art on the walls; it’s about the artists and aficionados who breathe life into the space. Through the years, Art Basel Miami Beach has witnessed legendary moments that art connoisseurs still reminisce about. From Yayoi Kusama’s dazzling Infinity Rooms to the striking works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the event has showcased some of the most iconic art in history.

One of the most visited attractions? The Wynwood Walls, a vibrant outdoor gallery covered in street art and murals, has become a beloved extension of Art Basel. Here, graffiti transforms into high art, and visitors are transported into a world where walls speak volumes.

But it’s not just the art; it’s the parties. The most legendary gatherings and soirées during Art Basel Miami Beach are bragged about for years to come. From exclusive galas hosted by top brands to underground art parties that redefine cool, the nightlife during Art Basel is a spectacle in itself.

If you’re wondering what to do in Miami in December, make sure to be there from 8th – 11th of December, 2023.

2. Visit the Miami Beaches

December in Miami isn’t just about art and culture. The sun-kissed shores that stretch for miles along the coast are always Miami’s most significant and popular landmark. Miami’s beaches, especially the iconic South Beach, promise a beachscape of dreams.

Let’s dive right into where to go and what to do:

South Beach – The Iconic Hub

South Beach remains an eternal favorite, with its iconic pastel-colored lifeguard towers and the vibrant Ocean Drive. Beyond sunbathing and swimming, you can take a leisurely stroll along the Art Deco Historic District, admiring the architectural gems. Plus, rent a CitiBike and explore the famous Ocean Drive on two wheels. The energy here is infectious, and people-watching is a must-do activity.

Lummus Park Beach – Fitness and Fun

Adjacent to South Beach, you’ll find Lummus Park Beach, a haven for fitness enthusiasts. Join in or watch the locals as they play beach volleyball, basketball, or pump iron at the outdoor gym. It’s an excellent spot for a morning jog or yoga session with the sound of crashing waves as your backdrop.

Crandon Park Beach – A Natural Oasis

For a more tranquil beach experience, head to Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne. Beyond swimming and sunbathing, explore the lush Crandon Gardens nearby or go kayaking in the calm waters. Don’t forget to visit the Crandon Park Nature Center, where you can learn about the local ecosystem.

Tip from Ode à la Rose: Discover Beachfront Events

December brings a wave of outdoor events to Miami’s beaches. Look out for beachfront concerts featuring live music that ranges from reggae to jazz. Additionally, you might stumble upon beach yoga sessions and wellness retreats where you can find your Zen with the ocean as your backdrop.

While Art Basel takes center stage, Miami’s beaches offer more than just art. Keep an eye on local event listings for film screenings right on the sand, beachfront food festivals, and even beach bonfires under the stars. Don’t miss the Miami Beach Polo World Cup if you’re seeking a unique sporting event with an oceanfront view.

3. Holiday Boat Parades

When it comes to celebrating the holiday season, Miami does it with a twist – or rather, a shimmering twinkle. Picture some beautifully decorated boats gracefully gliding along the glistening coastal waters, each one a floating work of art. Miami’s holiday boat parades are a festive treat that adds a touch of nautical magic to your December itinerary.

These boat parades are nothing short of enchanting. Imagine boats adorned with thousands of twinkling lights, transforming the bay into a mesmerizing sea of colors. The gentle sway of the waves becomes a rhythm for this aquatic ballet, and the sights are nothing short of breathtaking. It’s just like sliding on ice but performed by gigantic lightning structures on the waterways. It’s a spectacle that captures the holiday spirit in a uniquely Miami way.

The Winterfest Boat Parade – Fort Lauderdale

Just a short drive from Miami, the Winterfest Boat Parade in Fort Lauderdale is a must-see. It’s one of the largest boat parades in the world, featuring an array of extravagant vessels, from mega-yachts to sailboats, all bedecked in holiday splendor. The parade route winds through the picturesque Intracoastal Waterway, offering multiple viewing points along the way.

Miami Outboard Club Holiday Boat Parade

A local gem, the Miami Outboard Club Holiday Boat Parade has been cherished for over 20 years. This parade sets sail from the club’s headquarters on Watson Island, winding its way through Biscayne Bay. It’s a dazzling display of creativity and community spirit, showcasing boats of all sizes, from the quaint to the grand.

The Pompano Beach Holiday Boat Parade

Head a bit north to Pompano Beach to witness another stunning boat parade. This community event features boats of all sizes, each vying for the title of “Best Decorated.” It’s a heartwarming display of holiday cheer.

The Key Biscayne Boat Parade

For a more intimate experience, the Key Biscayne Boat Parade is a hidden gem. Watch as boats of all kinds meander through the tranquil waters around this charming island, creating a beautiful contrast to the city’s bustling energy.

Hollywood Beach Candy Cane Parade

If you’re in the mood for some old-fashioned holiday fun, head to Hollywood Beach for their Candy Cane Parade. While it’s not solely a boat parade, it features a festive flotilla alongside a delightful procession of holiday-themed floats.

A Pro Tip from Ode à la Rose Locals

To make the most of your boat parade experience, consider booking a spot at waterfront restaurants or parks along the parade routes. Enjoy a delicious meal or pack a picnic, and you’ll have the perfect vantage point to enjoy the maritime magic. It’s a spectacle that combines the season’s magic with the allure of Miami’s coastal charm, leaving you with memories that will sparkle long after the holidays.

4. Explore Miami’s Winter Wonderlands

Did you know that Miami, often associated with year-round summer vibes, transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season? It’s a time when the city sparkles with festive lights, and the air is filled with the sweet melodies of holiday tunes. As the temperatures drop (relatively speaking), Miami unveils its magical side with a slew of enchanting events that add a touch of holiday spirit to the tropical mix.

Enchant Christmas at the Fair Expo Center

At the heart of Miami’s holiday magic stands “Enchant Christmas,” an event that lives up to its name in every way. This dazzling spectacle at the Fair Expo Center features a massive Christmas light maze that transports you to a luminous wonderland. Picture yourself wandering through a forest of brilliantly lit trees, your path illuminated by millions of twinkling lights. It’s a captivating journey that culminates in a vibrant holiday market, where you can find unique gifts and indulge in seasonal treats.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest – World’s Largest Holiday Theme Park

For those seeking holiday thrills, “Santa’s Enchanted Forest” is the place to be. This extravaganza is renowned as the world’s largest holiday theme park. Located at Tropical Park, it’s a sprawling wonderland that features a mind-boggling array of rides, shows, and attractions. From roller coasters to carnival games, it’s a thrill-seeker’s paradise. You’ll also find dazzling light displays, holiday-themed shows, and, of course, Santa himself, ready to hear your holiday wishes.

Additional Offer of Holiday Delights from Ode a la Rose

  • Bayfront Holiday Village: This festive village pops up at Bayfront Park, turning it into a holiday wonderland. Expect an ice-skating rink, a holiday market with unique crafts, and even a dazzling Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It’s a perfect place to soak up the seasonal cheer.
  • Viernes Culturales: Head to Little Havana for a unique holiday experience at Viernes Culturales. This cultural festival takes place on the last Friday of every month, but during December, it’s transformed into a lively Christmas celebration with music, art, and traditional Cuban food.
  • North Miami Beach Tree Lighting Ceremony: Witness the magic of the holidays at the annual North Miami Beach Tree Lighting Ceremony. This family-friendly event includes live entertainment, food vendors, and a visit from Santa himself. It’s a heartwarming way to kick off the season.

Ticketing and Timing

Most of these holiday events require tickets for entry, and they tend to start in late November or early December, running until early January. Prices and availability can vary, so it’s a good idea to check their official websites for the most up-to-date information on tickets, schedules, and any special events.

5. Attend a Performance at the Adrienne Arsht Center

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, often referred to simply as the Arsht Center, stands as one of Miami’s cultural treasures. This architectural gem is one of the largest performing arts centers in the United States and a testament to Miami’s commitment to the arts.

The Arsht Center transforms into a vibrant hub of creativity and culture during the holiday season. It has earned its reputation as a must-visit destination for those seeking world-class theater and musical performances in a festive setting. The Arsht Center doesn’t just host shows; it crafts experiences that become cherished holiday traditions.

Holiday Specials: Classic Performances and Beyond

One of the highlights of the Arsht Center’s holiday lineup is the timeless holiday classic imprint, “The Nutcracker.” This enchanting ballet production brings to life the magical tale of Clara, the Nutcracker Prince, and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

It’s a mesmerizing experience that captivates audiences of all ages and a wonderful way to introduce young ones to the world of ballet.

But the Arsht Center offers a diverse range of performances to suit every taste, other than this holiday epitome. From Broadway musicals to orchestral concerts, something captivating always happens on its stages. You might also find special holiday-themed shows during the holiday season, from heartwarming plays to soul-stirring musical performances.

  • Catch a Broadway Show: If you’re a fan of musical theater, keep an eye on the Arsht Center’s Broadway in Miami series. It often features popular Broadway shows that make their way to Miami, providing a chance to experience the magic of Broadway right in the heart of the city.
  • Orchestral Delights: The Arsht Center is home to the New World Symphony, an orchestra that showcases the talents of young musicians. Check their schedule for holiday-themed concerts that will fill your evening with symphonic bliss.
  • Opera and More: If you have a penchant for the operatic arts, the Arsht Center occasionally hosts opera productions that are sure to transport you to a world of dramatic grandeur.
  • Family-Friendly Performances: Keep an eye out for family-friendly performances during the holidays. These shows are designed to entertain and engage audiences of all ages, making them a perfect choice for a festive outing with loved ones.

 6. New Year’s Eve Celebrations: Where to Find the Magic on the Most Special Night of the Year

As December unfolds its holiday charm in Miami, there’s one night that stands out like a dazzling gem in the city’s festive calendar: New Year’s Eve. It’s the night when Miami comes alive with a vibrant energy that can only be described as electric. If you’re wondering what to do in Miami in December for the most special night of the year, look no further, because the Magic City has a New Year’s Eve celebration that will make your heart race and your spirits soar.

Bayfront Park: Miami’s Grand New Year’s Extravaganza

When it comes to ringing in the New Year in style, Bayfront Park is the epicenter of Miami’s celebrations. This iconic waterfront park hosts the city’s largest New Year’s Eve party, and it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Fireworks Extravaganza: As the clock ticks down to midnight, the Miami skyline lights up with a breathtaking fireworks display. The burst of colors reflects in Biscayne Bay, creating a mesmerizing backdrop to welcome the new year.
  • Live Music: Groove to the beats of live music performances featuring top artists. The sounds of salsa, hip-hop, and pop fill the air, creating a festive ambiance that’s second to none.
  • Food and Drinks: Bayfront Park hosts a variety of food vendors and bars, so you can indulge in culinary delights and sip on champagne as you toast to the year ahead.
  • Dancing and Revelry: Dance the night away with fellow revelers on the open-air dance floors. The energy is infectious, and you’ll find yourself swept up in the joyous celebration.

Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution – Bayfront Park

Get ready to party with the “305” at Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution in Bayfront Park. This annual event, hosted by the legendary rapper Pitbull himself, is a high-energy extravaganza that draws thousands of revelers to Miami’s downtown waterfront.

You can expect top-tier artists to take the stage, delivering electrifying performances that keep the energy levels soaring. The lineup often features a mix of chart-topping musicians from various genres, promising something for everyone. Of course, we don’t have to mention the fireworks, because what’s a New Year celebration without them?

Then, there’s a plethora of food trucks and beverage vendors lining the park, offering a variety of delicious bites and libations to keep you fueled throughout the night.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach New Year’s Eve Party

For a glamorous New Year’s Eve experience, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is the place to be. This iconic luxury resort hosts an extravagant celebration that combines elegance with a lively party atmosphere. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • VIP Experience: The Fontainebleau offers various VIP packages that grant access to exclusive lounges, premium open bars, and gourmet dining experiences. It’s a night of luxury and indulgence.
  • Live Entertainment: The resort pulls out all the stops with A-list musical acts performing on multiple stages. Dance to live music or enjoy DJ sets that keep the party going well into the early hours.
  • Poolside Countdown: One of the highlights of the Fontainebleau’s celebration is the countdown at the oceanfront pools. As the clock strikes midnight, enjoy a stunning fireworks display over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Gala Setting: The Fontainebleau’s iconic architecture and lavish décor create a sophisticated backdrop for your New Year’s Eve photos and memories.

The Bayside Marketplace New Year’s Eve Celebration

Located along the picturesque shores of Biscayne Bay, the Bayside Marketplace hosts a family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration that’s perfect for all ages. This event typically includes live music of various genres for a truly festive evening and an inevitable fireworks display. However, the “star of the night” is undoubtedly the marketplace where you can shop for food, accessories, housewarming presents, and anything you can think of!

The Bayside Marketplace is popular for its family-friendly environment, making it a great choice if you celebrate with loved ones of all ages.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to plan ahead and make reservations for popular New Year’s Eve events, especially at clubs and upscale venues, as they tend to fill up quickly. And remember to check the official websites and event details for specific information on ticketing, schedules, and any special offerings for these New Year’s Eve celebrations. Miami truly knows how to welcome the new year with flair, offering a variety of ways to make your transition into the next year an unforgettable experience.

7. Shopping and Seasonal Markets

Amidst the holiday cheer and merriment in Miami, there’s a shopping extravaganza waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking luxury boutiques, unique gifts, or simply craving a dose of retail therapy, the city has you covered. Here are the hotspots and markets to explore during your December stay.

Retail Oasis in the Design District

Miami’s Design District is where art, fashion, and culture converge. It’s a chic neighborhood that boasts some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands, making it a haven for fashion aficionados. Stroll down streets adorned with cutting-edge art installations and discover flagship stores from fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. It’s not just shopping; it’s an artistic immersion.

Lincoln Road Mall: Where Shopping Meets Al Fresco Vibes

Lincoln Road Mall, nestled in the heart of South Beach, offers a different shopping experience altogether. This pedestrian-friendly promenade is lined with boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. As you browse through the shops, enjoy the tropical ambiance and street performances that add to the lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely shopping spree.

What to do in Miami in December: Some Festive Markets for Unique Finds

For a taste of Miami’s holiday charm, explore the seasonal markets scattered throughout the city. Here’s where you can uncover unique gifts and festive treats:

  • Bayfront Holiday Village: This holiday village at Bayfront Park is a delightful place to wander. Explore the artisanal market for handmade crafts, jewelry, and clothing. And don’t forget to stop by the flower stalls to pick up seasonal blooms like poinsettias, amaryllis, and Christmas cacti – perfect for adding a touch of festive flair to your accommodations.
  • Tropical Park Holiday Fair: Located in the picturesque Tropical Park, this holiday fair combines the charm of a Christmas market with the vibrant spirit of Miami. Browse through stalls offering everything from gourmet treats to handcrafted goods, and enjoy a cheerful atmosphere filled with holiday music and activities.

Miami’s holiday shopping isn’t just about finding the perfect gift; it’s an experience. You can nibble on gourmet chocolates, sip on spiced cider, and indulge in holiday-themed treats as you browse through the market stalls. Plus, you’ll often find live entertainment and visits from Santa to keep the festive spirit alive.

And as you peruse the flower stalls, don’t forget to bring a touch of Miami’s tropical holiday spirit home with you – because even the blooms here seem to dance to their own festive rhythm. Check out our signature bouquets and holiday blooms to take a glance at the most dazzling arrangements you shall look up to this year.

8. Outdoor Activities and Sports

As December graces Miami with its pleasant warmth, the great outdoors beckon with a siren call that’s hard to resist. Whether you’re a leisure enthusiast or an adrenaline junkie, Miami offers a natural playground that caters to all. So, put on your sun hat and embrace the beautiful Miami weather with a range of outdoor activities and sports.

Leisure Sports: Enjoying the Sun’s Embrace

Golfing in Miami

Miami boasts a golfer’s paradise with many golf courses stretching far and wide. In fact, there are more than 20 golf courses within the city and its surroundings, offering a variety of scenic settings and challenges for golfers of all levels.

Tee off amidst lush landscapes, tropical foliage, and sparkling lakes – it’s golfing in paradise. The gentle December sun makes it the perfect time to enjoy a round on these meticulously designed courses.

Leisure Water Sports: Paddle, Sail, or Cruise

If you prefer your sports with a touch of aquatic elegance, Miami’s coastal beauty won’t disappoint. December is a splendid time to explore the crystal-clear waters of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some leisure water sports to consider:

  • Paddleboarding: Glide across calm waters on a paddleboard, soaking in the stunning views of Miami’s skyline and the lush coastal scenery. Paddleboarding is an excellent way to connect with nature and experience the serenity of the sea.
  • Boat Tours: Embark on a scenic boat tour to fully immerse yourself in Miami’s coastal charm. Choose from options like sightseeing cruises, sunset sails, or even private charters for a more personalized experience.

Adventurous Pursuits: The Thrills Await

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing in Miami is an exhilarating adventure for those who crave excitement. Feel the rush as you zoom across the water, creating white-capped waves in your wake. The open waters of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic provide the perfect playground for this heart-pounding activity.

Bungee Jumping

Take your adventure to new heights – literally. Miami offers bungee jumping experiences that will have your heart racing. Daredevils can leap from towering platforms with the stunning backdrop of the Miami skyline and ocean views.


Soar high above the coastline with parasailing. It’s a thrilling yet serene experience as you float in the sky, tethered to a parachute and towed by a boat. The views from up there are nothing short of breathtaking.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check the availability and safety guidelines for these activities, especially for more adventurous sports. It’s always a good idea to book in advance, as Miami’s outdoor sports and activities tend to be quite popular, especially during the pleasant December weather.

9. Cultural and Food Festivals

As Miami revels in the December spirit, its cultural and food festivals come alive, offering a delightful fusion of flavors, traditions, and celebrations. Beyond the holiday sparkle, Miami’s diverse community takes center stage at these festivals, inviting you to embark on a culinary journey like no other. Here are five food festivals that promise to tantalize your taste buds and immerse you in cultural richness.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival:

Every February, Miami hosts the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, a culinary extravaganza that spills into December and beyond. It’s a star-studded event featuring celebrity chefs, food tastings, wine pairings, and cooking demonstrations. Discover a world of flavors as you savor gourmet dishes and exquisite wines from around the globe.

Coral Gables Food, Wine & Spirits Festival

Nestled in the historic streets of Coral Gables, this festival celebrates the culinary delights of Miami. Sample delectable dishes from local restaurants, sip on craft cocktails and explore a vibrant marketplace featuring artisanal products. It’s a gastronomic adventure that pays homage to the city’s thriving food scene.

Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival

Set against the backdrop of Coconut Grove’s lush greenery, this festival showcases Miami’s multicultural culinary heritage. From Caribbean flavors to Latin American delicacies, it’s a mouthwatering journey through Miami’s diverse culinary landscape. Savor tropical cocktails, street food, and sweet treats that capture the essence of the Magic City.

Tamiami International Orchid Festival

While not exclusively a food festival, the Tamiami International Orchid Festival offers a unique culinary experience. As you explore the mesmerizing world of orchids, you’ll also discover exotic fruits and spices from around the world. Sample tropical delights and explore the vibrant marketplace where you can purchase these exotic treasures to take home.

Wrap Up (Your Presents)

In the heart of December’s embrace, Miami unveils its magic – a symphony of culture, adventure, and warmth under the sun. As you plan your December escapade to celebrate a Miami birthday, or proposal, or just celebrate the holidays, remember that Miami is more than just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be embraced.

Be on the lookout for Art Basel’s artistic marvels and the rhythmic pulse of Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution at Bayfront Park. Explore the elegance of the Adrienne Arsht Center’s holiday performances and the thrill of bungee jumping over the Miami skyline. Discover unique gifts at seasonal markets and savor exotic flavors at food festivals that celebrate our city’s diverse spirit.

As the sun kisses your skin and the ocean whispers its tales, don’t forget to bring your sense of wonder. Capture memories at Miami’s enchanting beaches, savor the taste of local and international cuisines, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture that defines our city.

And when it’s time to add a touch of elegance to your December Miami experience, remember Ode à la Rose. We’re here to elevate your stay with our exquisite floral arrangements, perfect for gifting or adorning your own space. Let our blooms capture the essence of your Miami adventure, turning moments into memories. Because buying flowers and floral Christmas ornaments is just one of many answers to the question of what to do in Miami in December.

So, pack your curiosity, your appetite, and your sense of adventure. Miami’s December is waiting, and Ode à la Rose is here to make it even more beautiful.

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