Best Flowers for Mother's Day

What gifts genuinely capture the heart of Mother’s Day? How do you wrap warmth, love, and gratitude into a single, memorable package? 

Well, sometimes it’s not about the gift itself but the message it carries. So this year, consider the timeless charm of flowers paired with a heartfelt note, a duo that speaks directly from the heart to the heart. As we explore the enchanting world of florals, from the delicate allure of tulips to the vibrant charm of mixed bouquets, we have suggestions for every mom out there.

Together with exquisite Papyrus cards, your message of love will resonate even more deeply. Join us as we guide you through selecting the best flowers for Mother’s Day, accompanied by tips on crafting the perfect note that speaks volumes of your affection.

Ready to brighten her day with something truly moving? Let’s discover how to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll never forget.

Choosing the Right Gift for Mother’s Day

What do you give the woman who gave you everything? Every year, as Mother’s Day approaches, we find ourselves wrestling with this question. After all, how can any material gift match the depth of love and gratitude we feel towards our moms? It often feels like no present could possibly encapsulate all the admiration we hold in our hearts.

Yet, perhaps the answer lies not in the grandeur of the gift but in its ability to convey a heartfelt message. Imagine a gift as timeless as her love – a beautiful bouquet that mirrors the unique beauty and resilience of a mother’s love. Flowers speak the language of love, appreciation, and profound respect. They bloom, they thrive, and they remind us of life’s fleeting, precious moments.

Accompanying these blooms, a Papyrus card serves as your canvas to express those deepest, tender sentiments often left unspoken. Here, you can pour out your heart, sharing how much she truly means to you. This Mother’s Day, let your gift reflect the beauty she has cultivated in your life – through a note that says it all and flowers that underscore every word.

Together, a stunning floral arrangement from Ode à la Rose and a carefully chosen Papyrus card become more than gifts; they are a celebration of her and a testament to the indelible mark she’s left on your life.

5 Best Flowers Choices for Mother’s Day

Choosing the right flowers for Mother’s Day is about finding blooms that capture the essence of her unique beauty and grace. While there are no wrong choices when it comes to gifting your mom flowers, here are our five top picks that are sure to delight:


Tulips are a springtime favorite, embodying grace and the joy of fresh beginnings. Their vibrant array captures the essence of the season and nature’s blooming, making them a thoughtful choice for Mother’s Day. Whether in soft pastels or bold hues, tulips will brighten her day with their simple yet elegant beauty.


Roses are timeless symbols of love and elegance, making them a perfect choice for Mother’s Day. Known for their stunning beauty and captivating fragrance, they effortlessly convey deep appreciation and affection. Gift your mom a bouquet of roses to remind her how cherished she is, celebrating the enduring beauty of your relationship.


Exotic and mesmerizing, orchids are a symbol of incomparable beauty and strength, much like mothers themselves. Their long-lasting blooms make them an ideal gift that mirrors the lasting impact she has on your life. Choose a stunning orchid for a gift that’s as spectacular and enduring as her love.


Peonies are vibrant and full of fragrance, representing prosperity, good luck, and a joyful life – everything you wish for your mom. Their lush, soft petals are almost as comforting as a hug from her, making them a beautifully expressive choice for her special day.

Mixed Bouquets

If one type of flower just doesn’t seem enough, go for a mixed bouquet. This lively combination brings together different blooms, each with its own unique charm, making it a great way to reflect the many sides of her wonderful personality. It’s a cheerful, colorful way to show your love and appreciation on Mother’s Day.

In the end, whether you choose tulips, roses, orchids, peonies, or a mixed bouquet, your mom will appreciate the gesture and the love you put into selecting her Mother’s Day flowers.

Note with Mother’s Day Flowers for Expressing Love

Crafting the perfect message for your Mother’s Day card can be a daunting task. You want to capture all your feelings in a few lines, a challenge that might feel overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’re here to help spark some inspiration with heartfelt, creative ideas that will make your note as memorable as the flowers accompanying it.

Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Think of a song that always reminds you of her or one that you both love. Including a line or two from this song can add a personal touch that’s both nostalgic and endearing. It’s a simple way to evoke shared memories or express sentiments that you might not find the words for yourself.

An Inside Joke

Nothing strengthens a bond like a shared laugh. Recall an inside joke between the two of you and use it in your message. This adds a light-hearted and personal element to your note, showing her that those private moments mean just as much to you as they do to her.

A Quote from a Beloved Book or Movie

Does a particular book or movie hold special significance for you both? Maybe a line from her favorite book or film you enjoyed together captures your feelings perfectly. This quote can deepen your message, reminding her of those cherished shared experiences.

Lyrics from a Childhood Lullaby

If there’s a song she used to sing to you when you were little, quoting a line or two can be incredibly touching. It’s a beautiful way to remind her of those tender years and the soothing comfort she provided, wrapping your gratitude and love in the warmest of memories.

Heartfelt Personal Reflections

Writing from the heart can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Share your thoughts on your relationship and how much she means to you. Be open and honest – it’s a powerful way to let her know just how deeply you value her presence in your life. Even if it feels intimidating, remember that this note could become a cherished keepsake, treasured for years to come.

With these ideas, your Mother’s Day note will not only complement your floral gift but also convey your deepest affection in a truly meaningful way.

Additional Cards for Mother’s Day

Selecting the perfect Mother’s Day card can elevate your gift of flowers, creating a personalized pairing that beautifully expresses your sentiments. In collaboration with Papyrus, we’ve imagined some delightful combinations of their artful cards with our elegant bouquets to inspire your own perfect pairing. These examples illustrate how you might match a heartfelt note with a specific floral arrangement.

Additional Cards for Mother's Day

Ready to find the perfect combination that will make her feel as cherished as she truly is? Let’s explore how words combined with flowers create something unforgettable.

  • “Truly Incredible Mom” Mother’s Day Card

Consider pairing the stunning Aline arrangement with the stylish “Truly Incredible Mom” card. Its message, “Wishing a truly incredible Mom a fabulous Mother’s Day,” celebrates her uniqueness and the beauty she brings to your life. Perfect for the mom who turns everyday moments into something magical, this pairing is as exceptional as she is.

  • “Our Crazy, Wonderful Life Together” Card 

For a life filled with laughter and love, match the “Our Crazy, Wonderful Life Together” card with the unforgettable Paulette bouquet. It’s perfect for showing appreciation to a wife who’s also an incredible mom, ideal for the spirited mom who embraces the fun and chaos of family life with a smile.

  • “Love You So Much” Card

Combine the colorful “Love You So Much” card, featuring a vibrant quilled design, with the joyful Ella bouquet. This pairing is as bright and lively as your love for her, suited for the artsy mom who appreciates creative expressions and vibrant colors.

  • “All the Thanks You Deserve” Card

Express your deepest gratitude with the elegant “All the Thanks You Deserve” card alongside the pastel Felice bouquet. The intricate quilling complements the bouquet’s soft hues, symbolizing your enduring appreciation. This is ideal for the sophisticated mom who enjoys classic elegance and has a keen eye for detail.

  • “Sending All the Love” Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Choose the “Sending All the Love” card, adorned with glitter and pearls, to accompany the vibrant Augustine arrangement. This pairing is ideal for a mom who inspires and uplifts everyone around her, perfect for the mom who’s a constant source of strength and inspiration, always encouraging you to reach higher.

These pairings are not just gifts but a celebration of everything she means to you. Visit Papyrus’s Mother’s Day page to shop all their Mother’s Day cards and not just these five that were hand-selected to pair perfectly with our bouquets. Nobody knows your mom like you, so the best choice for both flowers & a card is to pick the option that you think she’d appreciate the most.


This Mother’s Day, go beyond the usual with a gift that pairs the natural beauty of flowers with the personal touch of a heartfelt message. 

Whether you choose elegant roses, vibrant tulips, or mixed bouquets, the right flowers can speak volumes. Combine them with a thoughtful, eye-catching Papyrus card to express your deepest feelings and appreciation for the woman who has shaped your life. Find the perfect combination and make your mom’s day truly unforgettable!

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