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The Meaning behind the Number of Roses

While you don't have to be a math whiz to order roses, you may want to know what numbers mean when placing your order. In fact, the number of roses you send someone can say just as much (or more!) than the color you decide to send. Once you've selected your color, figure out just how many to include in your arrangement to amplify its meaning.


The Single Rose: Impress the first date by sending a single rose. Been married 30 years? It’ will melt her heart and show her you're still a romantic who’s madly in love.


Thinking about a close friend or family member? Send him a pick me up. None of the ooshey-gooshy romantic stuff is affiliated with this number, so it's a nice, safe way to show anyone how much you care.


Do we even have to say anything here? Perhaps the most timeless combination, 12 roses aren’t only perfect in their number a perfect dozen , but also in message. They are the ideal way to express gratitude to a good friend or co-worker or show your true love of how much you care in the simplest matter.


Shout your feelings from the rooftops with 24 roses. Actually, you won't need to shout it. A whisper will probably suffice. Why? Because two dozen roses amplify the feelings associated with a dozen roses. So spare the neighbors. Send roses instead.


Does it get any better than three dozen Ode à la ROSE roses showing up at the door? No. It doesn't. So go ahead and send 36 roses to a friend or lover. He or she will know it's the most brilliant way you can show your unconditional love and commitment, romantic or otherwise.