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Whatever the occasion — birthday, holiday, anniversary, or just because — gift-giving is a wonderful gesture to show someone you care. On the other hand, the shopping experience can lead to stress-induced nightmares. If you’re visiting or living in Philadelphia, you can forget about that and make shopping fun again with our guide to the best gift spots in the city.

Our Philadelphia gift-giving guide will highlight some of the best small businesses you can shop at locally to find a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. From food to jewelry to wine to records, you can find something for all of your closest loved ones. Check out one of your favorite local businesses or find a new one to express your love, appreciation, and thoughts.

1. Ode à la Rose

There’s no better way to say, “Get well soon,” “I love you,” or “Thank you” than by sending a beautiful bouquet of blooms from Ode à la Rose. Flowers are some of the best gifts you can give for every occasion. You can express every thought and feeling through a delicate arrangement. You can choose your favorites or find vibrant blooms that will stand out in your loved one’s home. With add-on gift options, such as macaroons and candles, your friend or family member will think of you long after you give them their gift.

Former bankers Olivier and Louis founded Ode à la Rose to uplift the art of floristry by placing an additional layer of meaning to each delicate arrangement. Taking a single journey through their enticing catalog of options shows the love and care they bring to their adopted profession. From deep red long-stemmed gems to pink bursts of petals, Ode à la Rose leaves no detail unmet.

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2. Di Bruno Bros.

If you’re stumped on what to get someone on your list, food is almost always the foolproof way to go. Di Bruno Bros. has been in Philadelphia since 1939, and they know their food. Put together a personalized gift box or cheese plate. If you want to go all out, go with the House of Cheese monthly subscription. The culinary shop has five locations, four of which are in Philadelphia.

Di Bruno Bros 9th Street Market, Philadelphia


3. Philly Pretzel Factory

Another longtime favorite of Philly residents is the Philly Pretzel Factory. Whether you’ve got a friend moving away from the city who needs a taste of home or you want to show a new resident one of the best snacks, you can treat them with a deliciously warm pretzel. Choose a seasonal pumpkin, sweet cinnamon, or classic cheddar dipping sauce, and you’re ready to show up to any event. Bring a large order to your next graduation party, family get-together, or casual Saturday night fire with friends so everyone can enjoy these snacks with you.

4. Duross & Langel

This shop crafts many of its skincare products on-site. You can browse the soaps, perfumes, lotions, body scrubs, and candles or set up an appointment at the all-natural duross & langel salon. Pick out a shaving kit for your bearded friend, a bath bomb for your pal who loves to relax, or a baby box for your next shower. This local shop has something for everyone on your list.

5. Hello World

Hello World is a delightful mishmash of anything you could think of — gifts for him, her, and baby, not to mention all of the home goods. The shop has ties, watches, wallets, and bags for the guys on your shopping list. Women will love the store’s scarves, jewelry, and bags. Everyone will love Hello World’s collection of undeniably random, but fun gifts. They have everything from silly socks to a vintage poker sets, so you can always find something for everyone.

6. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

This next pick is for the bibliophile in your life. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books is an independent bookstore in the heart of Germantown. Peruse shelves stuffed with thousands of books in nearly every genre imaginable. A new title or an esoteric find, or the smell of books alone, will be sure to thrill any book collector. This shop has been open since 2017, and you can find a unique edition of your loved ones’ favorite story or enthrall them with a new one. They also serve a delicious assortment of bagels, oatmeal, and cookies. You can participate in live author events or take your coffee and that new page-turner to go.

7. Moon + Arrow

Moon + Arrow has a wide array of handmade earrings and necklaces. If you are looking for something really special, the shop also has one-of-a-kind pieces. The store also offers handmade bags and accessories, as well as skin and body care items from its apothecary section. Full of gemstones and unique finds, Moon + Arrow has a distinctly artsy flavor.


8. Occasionette

Occasionette lives up to its name with something for nearly any event. Our first pick from this shop is its collection of cocktail and foodie paraphernalia, but there’s so much more to find. Find desk accessories, gifts for the cat lover in your life, and election-themed gifts, just to name a few.

9. Mutt Airbrush and Art Supply LLC

Mutts should be your go-to shop for art lovers. This unique business offers every kind of art your loved one will need to complete beautiful works on different media. You can find spray paints, pencils, sketchbooks, and graffiti mops in their catalog. You can encourage your art-lover to get excited and get creative with their next masterpiece by shopping from Mutt Airbrush and Art Supply LLC.

10. Philadelphia Independents

Philadelphia Independents is our top pick for city pride gifts. You can find nearly anything emblazoned with love for Philly, and the best part? Everything in the shop is handmade by local artists and artisans. Find handcrafted totes, posters, baby onesies, jewelry, and more. Keep your gift simple with stickers and pint glass, or go all out by choosing hats, shirts, and jerseys celebrating your favorite teams.


11. Pinot Boutique

You’ll find the perfect gift for anyone who loves #winewednesday at the Pinot Boutique. Pick out a bottle of red, white, sparkling, dessert, or specialty wine. Even better, set a wine-tasting date or party for a group of your favorite people to enjoy. You can even sign up for wine classes to learn more about the history of the perfect pairings. Cheers to happy drinking!


12. Repo Records

Everything sounds better on vinyl, or so you’ve probably heard from your music-loving friends. Repo Records, one of Philly’s oldest record stores, has new and used records, CDs, and cassettes of classic rock, hard metal, and everything in between. Shop for new albums or look for old gems for that person who’s always wearing headphones. This shop is covered in art, and anyone who appreciates colors and expression can enjoy the atmosphere. Consider taking your loved one with you or opt for a digital gift card to encourage them to explore the shop on their own.

Repo Records


13. Scarlett Alley

Scarlett Alley is a boutique with a gift for every possible occasion. The store even helps guide you on your quest for the perfect gift. If you’re getting married, look no further for bridal party gifts. If you’re off to a housewarming party, you have a whole selection of home goods. You can even pick out a gift for yourself, whether it’s a new outfit or a watch.

Find the Best Gifts at Ode à la Rose

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For big events and small moments, flowers are some of the best gifts to give and receive. You can show your loved one how much you think of them by finding a beautiful bouquet of their favorite blooms and sending a personalized note to express your thoughts and feelings.

When you shop with Ode, you can expect a professional to help craft a delicate arrangement that is picture-perfect every time. Your gift doesn’t have to stop at flowers. You can choose to add a spa kit, teddy bear and blanket, dark chocolate, and more at checkout to personalize your gesture and fill your closest friend’s or family member’s day with things they love.

Browse our bouquets and find the perfect gift for your loved ones. With next-day delivery in Philadelphia, you can always ensure your friends or family member will receive your gift when you want them to.

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