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Flower Delivery NYC


Roses for a Happy Anniversary. No matter what you may have planned to celebrate an anniversary, there is no better way to start the special day than with roses.

This will confirm for your partner that you haven’t forgotten the occasion and will leave her in great anticipation of whatever other lovely anniversary gifts and plans may be next. Wake her up with a rose bouquet, or let her sleep in and be surprised to see them when she opens her eyes. Leave her a bunch of anniversary roses on the dashboard of her car, or leave single roses all over the house, for her to find as she goes through her morning routine. Anniversary roses: Always a good idea If your partner has to work on the day of his/her anniversary, send a surprise anniversary rose delivery. If you’ve been together for a few years, send the same number of roses as years you’re celebrating. Everyone in the office will be jealous! A weekend away is a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. It’s the perfect way to remember your wedding night, or honeymoon, and relive those special moments. Make sure to order anniversary roses for the hotel room, as a nice welcoming gift when you walk in. If you’re attending an anniversary party, and don’t have any ideas, research the traditional gifts. For a 25th anniversary, offer the couple something silver, engraved with their names and the special date. For a 30th anniversary, for which tradition recommends pearls, offer them matching pearl cufflinks and earrings. Whether it’s a one-year anniversary, or a 50th anniversary, it’s a very meaningful day that shows how far you’ve made it. You can never go too overboard with anniversary roses. The celebration of a partnership is a fun, festive, occasion, for which there’s no such thing as too many gifts or flowers, so order your rose delivery, and have a Happy Anniversary!